CryptoZoon: All You Need To Know to Get Started

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CryptoZoon is a blockchain-based game on the Binance Smart Chain
Users battle Yaki Monsters using digital pets called ZOANS.
ZOANs can be bought and sold on the marketplace using native token ZOON.

Currently, the latest trend in the world of blockchain gaming is digital pets. We have seen plenty of games like Genopets and Axie Infinity use digital pets and monsters in their ecosystem. CrytoZoon is also one such game. Based on the Binance Smart Chain, CryptoZoon is essentially a Pokemon Story inspired metaverse where players can battle, fight monsters and grow together.

The concept of CryptoZoon is based on ZOANS which are creatures that a user might need to battle monsters and progress in this metaverse. ZOANS are collectible creatures that can be bought from the marketplace using ZOONS which is the native token of the CryptoZoon metaverse. Each ZOAN is unique and has different traits and tribes. They can also be bred to give birth to more ZOANs and can be sold and bought from the marketplace.

What can you do in CryptoZoon?

The gameplay of CryptoZoon starts from the basics of hatching an egg to obtain a ZOAN. Users will have to spend some ZOONs in the beginning to complete the hatching process. The main objective of these ZOANs is to fight the Yaki Monsters. After hatching, each ZOAN will be assigned a tribe and a rarity.

Each tribe will have different abilities and the ZOAN will also have a randomly assigned rarity which it will have throughout its life. These rarities in ascending order are Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare, Epic and Legendary. The higher rarity ZOAN will be more valuable and will therefore fetch a higher price in the marketplace when sold.

Users will battle the Yaki Monsters in this metaverse and will be given ZOON tokens as a reward after they manage to defeat them. Based on the rarity of your ZOANS, users can earn more tokens after successfully completing the battle. Each week the users will have the opportunity to fight the Yaki Boss. Players will need four ZOONS of different rarity to take part in this battle. Once the players collectively defeat the boss, rewards will be distributed among the players.

How to download CryptoZoon?

Currently, CryptoZoon is in the beta phase and is only available for Android devices. To download the beta version, head on to the official website and click on the “download beta game (android) option” Clicking on this button will lead you to an APK file being downloaded on your device. Once downloaded, you can open it and play the game.

CryptoZoon Marketplace

CryptoZoon also has its own marketplace where users can buy and sell in-game assets and ZOANs. All the transactions taking place in this marketplace will use the native ZOON token.

Users and developers can both list their products for sale on this marketplace. CrytpoZoon also claims that new features to increase the use case of these NFTs might be added later.

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