Cross the Ages is a collectible card game based on characters from the Cross the Ages novel series.


Cross the Ages: All You Need to Know About the Fantasy Fiction Card Game

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Cross the Ages is a collectible card game based on characters from the Cross the Ages novel series.
Players take part in turn-based duels with the objective of controlling the maximum space in the battle arena.
Cross the Ages will be publicly released in October 2022.

Collectible card games have been seeing an upsurge in popularity with the advent of blockchain gaming. These games are easily accessible, have no device constraints, and provide users with loads of earning opportunities. But with plenty of collectible card games flooding the market, users are seeking innovative titles that prioritize exciting gameplay without compromising on monetary incentives. Cross the Ages, a collectible card game, checks all these boxes and proves to be a great alternative for users interested in exploring Web3 games.

This card game is a Free-to-Play game based on Free-to-Read novels. There are seven novels in the Cross the Ages series that will be published over a span of seven years. Currently, book one – The Chrome Spell Book – is out while new chapters are being released every Monday for book two – Data Spell. The characters of the first book are already available as corresponding cards in the game, making this a fantasy fiction card game.

What can you do in Cross the Ages?

Cross the Ages aims to create a memorable virtual metaverse by combining science fiction (Sci-Fi) and fantasy. Players face off in turn-based duels with each match lasting around five minutes. The objective of this game is to implement the best strategy to control maximum space within the battle arena. All players start with 20 digital cards out of which 10 cards are randomly selected to form the deck. Players can earn stable token crystals by winning the game.

How to play Cross the Ages?

This card game is still under development and therefore isn’t out yet. However, early access to Cross the Ages launched at the end of summer 2022. According to the official roadmap, players can expect the official launch to be in October 2022.

The Play-to-Earn ecosystem in Cross the Ages

Much like many other blockchain-based games, Cross the Ages provides users with plenty of earning opportunities. Users can earn the following tokens:


Crystals are classified as soft currency and can be earned after winning the game. Crystals are used for buying card packs, skins, and booster packs and can also be used to mint cards into non-fungible tokens (NFTs). They can also be exchanged for Cross the Ages (CTA) tokens at the current exchange rate.


Gold is the second soft currency but this token is off-chain and therefore not tradeable. Gold is used for merging digital cards to ensure the fairness of the game.

CTA Token

CTA token is the major utility token that provides multiple in-game uses and access to off-series valuable NFTs. CTA is mandatory for on-chain activities and its value will develop as the game progresses. CTA will be used for minting and merging NFTs, buying booster packs, and will be required to enter guild competitions and tournaments.

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