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Axie Infinity Announces the Launch of Lunacian Summer Event

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Axie Infinity have announced the launch of Lunacian Summer Event from July 14, 2022
During this event, users will have a chance to obtain summer body parts by breeding their Axies.
This event is one of the biggest events for Lunacia metaverse and has also led to token prices increasing.

Sky Mavis, the creators of Axie Infinity have announced the launch of the Lunacian Summer Event. In the Lunacian metaverse, this event has been hailed as one of the biggest since its launch in 2018. The events held in 2018 and 2019 gave rise to a remarkable generation of breeders and collectors. Starting from July 14, the event will last for 50 days during which automation breeding will be banned.

Axie Infinity has seen its token price and user interest drop since the Ronin Bridge hack but the news of the Lunacian Summer Event has led to a double-digit increase in the token prices. These point to strong user interest and community backing.

In Axie Infinity, users need at least three Axies to start playing the game. Axies are fantasy monsters with which you can battle in the game or can breed them to produce offspring. During the Lunacian Summer Event, users will be able to collect limited edition summer body part skins from breeding Axies with specific parts.

How to get Summer Body Part Skins?

In this breeding event, the breeding formula will require the mixing of two genes. Apart from that, a shiny body has been added to set up a difficult challenge that only experienced breeders can undertake. For users to have a chance at obtaining the summer body part skins, they will need to breed Axies with the right traits and the dominant gene from the second axie must transfer to the offspring. Depending on the parts and genes of the Axies, users can see a percentage chance of obtaining a shiny part.

Summer Skin Genetics

Although these new parts will have the same stats and no actual difference in the gameplay, they will still fetch higher prices at the marketplace due to them being a limited edition collector's item.

Summer body is a much more difficult item to obtain in this breeding event. The only way to get it is to have an Axie with all six summer body parts. An axie that has all the body parts will automatically have a complete summer body. The chance of getting one summer body part in itself is very less and due to this only the experienced breeder might try to obtain a full summer body.

The last obtainable item in this breeding event is the shiny summer part. This is the rarest of them all. When two Axies come together to produce one summer part, there is a one percent chance of a mutation occurring. If the mutation occurs, only than the users will obtain shiny summer parts. If two Axies both with full summer body (with all six summer parts) are bred, then the chance of mutation increases to five percent. While summer parts and bodies have a possibility to be inherited by the offspring when bred during this event, the shiny parts are not inheritable and can therefore only be passed down as normal summer parts.

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