SkyMavis announced Axie Classic World Championship with a $500K prize pool


Axie Classic World Championship: Registration Process, Prize Pool & Schedule

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Axie Classic World Championship qualifying matches start from July 28th and go on untill August 21st.
The tournament will have four phases with three of them being online and the final being a LAN event.
The total prize pool of Axie Classic World Championship is $500 Thousand USD and the total prize pool of AxieCon is around $1 Million USD.

In this fast-paced world of blockchain gaming, Axie Infinity has quickly risen through the ranks to become one of the biggest blockchain games of all time. Sky Mavis, the company behind Axie Infinity, is known for organizing huge competitions and events to retain user interest and attract new players to its platform. One such competition is AxieCon.

AxieCon will feature three esports events namely Axie Con: Axie Classic World Championship, Axie: Origin BYOD Tournament and Axie: Origin Stadium Series. The combined prize pool of these events is around $1 Million USD. Axie Infinity recently announced the opening of registrations of Axie Classic (v2). The matches start from 28th July and go on till 21st August. So those interested in participating will have to register before the due date to take part in the event.

How to register?

The Axie Classic World Championship competition will take place in Barcelona, Spain in September. Anyone with at least three axies can register to take part in this competition. After battling through the qualifiers, 16 champions will get the chance to play in the LAN event in Barcelona and compete for the $250 Thousand USD prize pool.

Axie Classic World Championship Qualifiers

The AxieCon qualifiers are completely open. This means that any player with three axies can take part in the qualifiers without any additional requirements. The qualifiers are divided into two regions- East and West and will be held between 28th July and 21st August. In the qualifiers, players will compete for $500 Thousand USD over four phases. Out of this, the three online phases will have a combined prize pool of $250 Thousand USD and the individual final event will also feature a $250 Thousand USD prize pool. There are eight qualifiers each for the East and West regions.

Players can register for one qualifier or all 16 depending upon individual preference. The tournaments of the East region start at 5:00 pm Philippines Time and the West region tournaments start from 5:00 pm Eastern time. Players can play in any and all tournaments depending on their convenient time zone. The per-day time schedule is also out now.

Axie: Origin BYOD and Axie: Origin Stadium Series

As mentioned before, the Axie Con will feature three esports events. Apart from Axie Classic World Championship, there are also two other events - Axie Origin BYOD and Axie Origin Stadium Series.

Axie Origin BYOD will be held for users with the AxieCon tickets. This event will feature a prize pool of $400 Thousand USD. The Axie Origin Stadium series is essentially an open tournament for players with varying skill levels to compete. This final tournament will feature a prize pool of $100 Thousand USD.

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