Angelic is a blockchain-based RPG game. 


Angelic: All You Need to Know About This Blockchain-Based RPG

Shivang Patel
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Angelic is a strategy-based RPG game made using blockchain technology.
Players can choose from well-developed single-player and multiplayer modes to start their adventure.
Angelic features two main tokens – Angelverse ($ANGL) and Neo-Coin ($NCOIN).

Blockchain games have been changing up the traditional gaming industry by combining Free-to-Play titles with Play-to-Earn mechanisms. However, a lot of blockchain-based games either fall into the trading card or the puzzle game genre. Other genres like Shooter and Role-playing Games (RPGs) have not been able to successfully enter the blockchain gaming market. But Angelic, a blockchain-based RPG plans to rewrite the narrative.

Angelic integrates turn-based strategy with an immersive storyline, making it one of the first Web3 RPG. Players can build cosmetic items, create and trade Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and even take part in the governance of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). With foundations laid by experienced developers and valuable investors, Angelic has the potential to be a forerunner in the blockchain gaming industry.

What can you do in Angelic?

Angelic offers both single-player and multiplayer game modes to the players. Users can choose to play through the story or jump in directly with friends.

Single player mode

Angelic has an alluring storyline set in a dystopian future. Players shape conflicts in the Angelic universe as they progress through the story. Users command a spaceship as they travel with their companions. Along the way, players will be forced to make difficult decisions and would need to make unlikely alliances to progress. With a well-built plot and great lore, it is highly recommended that players indulge in the single-player mode before turning to the multiplayer mode.

Multiplayer mode

With a seamless multiplayer mode, users can team up with friends and go on adventures together. They will be able to create avatars and join Neo-Human alliances while playing the game. In the multiplayer mode players can complete a bunch of side missions, engage in cooperative battles and take part in Guild Wars.

How to download Angelic?

According to the roadmap on the Angelic website, Q3 2022 will feature the second demo release of Angelic. The preparation of the global full version launch will commence in Q2-Q3 2023. So users can expect the game to officially launch sometime after that.

Tokenomics in Angelic

Much like other blockchain-based games, tokens play an important role in maintaining the economic structure of Angelic. In this game, there are two main tokens:

Angelverse ($ANGL)

$ANGL primarily functions as the governance token for Angelic. It can also be used to trade NFTs in the Angelic marketplace and enables players to earn rewards and NFT prizes by staking it.

Neo-Coin ($NCOIN)

$NCOIN is the Play-to-Earn reward currency of Angelic. It can be used to upgrade in-game NFTs and can be deposited or withdrawn whenever a player sees fit. $NCOIN tokens that are spent in the game are burned automatically, this helps prevent token devaluation.

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