Alien Worlds is a space exploration mining game based on Ethereum, BSC and WAX


Alien Worlds: How to Get NFTs in This Space Exploration Game

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Alien World is a space exploration game where users mine different planets in search of Trillium ($TLM) and NFTs.
NFTs in Alien World includes Land, Avatars, Tools, Weapons, Artifacts, and Minions.
Players can get NFTs by opening different card packs, mining with tools possessing NFT power, or buying them via the Alien World marketplace.

The rise of blockchain gaming has led to an increase in the variety of games that we see in the market. While the traditional gaming segment has always been dominated by popular genres like first-person shooters or massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), there has been a severe lack of originality lately. With the introduction of blockchain gaming, players are given the opportunity to check out interesting and creative genres in this space. In the blockchain gaming market, space exploration games like Outer Ring, Phantom Galaxies, and Alien Worlds have received massive recognition. Alien Worlds, a mining-based space exploration game, was the most played blockchain game in July, according to DappRadar

What can you do in Alien Worlds?

Essentially, Alien Worlds is an open metaverse where players travel from one planet to another in search of Trillium ($TLM) to mine. Each planet is unique and has different environments and NFTs. Players start by choosing a piece of land to mine in search of $TLM. The quantity of $TLM that each player can mine significantly varies depending on the types of tools they use. Better tools result in efficiency and the time taken for mining decreases. As a result, this leads to an increase in production and ultimately translates to more profit for the user.

Alien Worlds also allows users to take part in the politics of a planet by staking their hard-earned $TLM. A planet's power and standing in Alien Worlds is determined by the amount of $TLM that is being staked there. The amount of power and control a player has in the workings of a planet is proportional to the amount of $TLM they have staked.

NFTs in Alien Worlds

In a blockchain-based game like Alien Worlds, NFTs are at the center of the in-game economy. In Alien Worlds, NFTs can be of the following types:


Land NFTs are one of the most important assets in the Alien World. Owning a land NFT defines modifiers that affect in-game aspects such as time between mining calls and the amount of Trillium that land generates per mine. Land NFT owners can even set up a commission system to allow other players to mine that land.


Avatars are purely cosmetic items and do have any in-game utility. These are only used by players as aesthetics and do not provide any specific advantages in the game.


Tools are primarily used to mine $TLM on land. Explorers can carry up to three tools at a time. The efficiency of a tool determines the amount of $TLM that can be mined from the land. Tools reduce time delay and provide users with a chance to earn different NFTs while mining.


These are mainly used in the core fighting game. Weapons have a set attack and defensive rating. Rarer and Shinier weapons can have increased stats and are therefore more valuable.


Minions are NFTs that can be used by a player in a battle. Minions also consist of attack and defense ratings and have a mood modifier that influences when minions can enter a contest and the power required to use the minion.


Artifacts are not out yet. However, these will influence the explorer experience and the NFT sales when it is officially released.

How to get NFTs in Alien Worlds

Obtaining NFTs in Alien Worlds is very straightforward. Users can get NFTs by the following ways:

Pack Opening

Periodically, Alien Worlds will announce its Launch Pack Sale. Users can obtain a card pack that has different varieties of cards during this sale. Depending on the type of pack, their rarities of cards differ.

NFT Power System

In the earlier version of Alien Worlds, mining tools had an NFT Luck attribute. This attribute was essentially responsible for the reward rate of NFTs when mining on different plants. This system has since been replaced with NFT Power System. Now, when players use a mining tool that has NFT Power, they are eligible to earn NFT Points in form of Redeemable Points and Rank Points. As the name suggests, Redeemable points can be redeemed for different types of NFTs.

Atomic Hub Marketplace

For the majority of players, obtaining NFTs from the marketplace is the easiest way to get started. Players can visit the official Alien Worlds marketplace to buy, sell and explore all NFTs that have been put up by the players.

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