Alien Worlds is a space exploration mining game based on Ethereum, BSC and WAX


Alien Worlds: Here’s How You Can Earn TLM Token in the Metaverse

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Alien Worlds is a space exploration, mining game based on Ethereum, BSC, and WAX blockchains.
The native token of Alien World is Trillium $TLM.
Players can obtain $TLM tokens by mining, staking, and trading NFTs.

With blockchain gaming on the rise, most people have started trying their luck in Play-to-Earn games. While many new players know about popular titles like Axie Infinity and Sandbox, they are often surprised to find that these are not the most played blockchain games. Alien Worlds has been steadily making its way into the Web3 gaming segment and was the most played blockchain-based game in the month of July.

Alien Worlds is a decentralized metaverse running on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and WAX blockchains. It is a mining-based game utilizing the concept of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and Decentralised Autonomous Organization (DAO) for governance. The main objective of this game is to travel around space in order to mine Trilium ($TLM) tokens.

What can you do in Alien Worlds?

Alien Worlds is a space exploration game where users wander from planet to planet in search of Trillium. Each planet is a separate ecosystem with its own NFTs, experiences, and environment. These planets have a certain amount of Trillium and players can start by choosing a piece of land to mine. The amount of $TLM a user can mine is largely based on the type of tool they use. Beginners are equipped with a shovel but there are other tools that players can use as they progress. Depending on the type of tool, the time taken to mine Trillium can vary from a couple of seconds to a few minutes.

Players can also take part in the politics of a planet by staking their $TLM token to increase the power and political standing of a planet. Staking large amounts of Trillium will also enable users to have increased control over the workings of a planet. Governing planets is highly competitive and increasing user involvement helps maintain a political hierarchy in the DAO.

How to earn $TLM tokens in Alien Worlds

The $TLM token is at the heart of the Alien Worlds ecosystem. Players require $LTM to acquire NFTs, go on quests, and also to be an active part of the politics. Here’s how you can earn the Trillium ($TLM) token:


Mining planets is the most popular and easiest way to earn $TLM tokens. All planets have a certain quantity of $TLM and all users regardless of their expertise or level can mine. As players progress, they can obtain more efficient mining tools to maximize their profit.


Users can stake their hard-earned $TLM tokens on a planet to earn passive income. This increases the planet's reward pool. Users can also stake $TLM for the progress of Planet DAO and receive TLM rewards in return.

Trading NFTs

Alien World features plenty of NFTs like land, tools, weapons, minions, and avatars. These NFTs can be traded for profit among users at the Atomic Hub marketplace. NFTs are usually found when users mine for $TLM.

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