CODM India Challenge 2020 Tournament Announced

John Dave Rossel
25/Nov/2020 08:46 am

NODWIN Gaming announced CODM India Challenge 2020.
The event also has an Invitationals Tournament where 8 top mobile streamers fight for the grand prize.
The tournament offers 5v5 game mode and Battle Royale.

Indian esports tournament organizer NODWIN Gaming has announced their very first stand-alone Call of Duty Mobile(CODM) Tournament, the CODM India Challenge 2020 featuring a total prize pool of 7 Lacs INR. 

Activision Blizzard’s popular mobile game title CODM achieved tremendous success since its initial release and is still gaining momentum to this day. With India’s mobile esports in full swing, this new CODM India Challenge 2020 has piqued people’s interest.

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“Call of Duty mobile had its takers from day one and the number grew at a substantial pace in India. Our mobile-first esports market grew diverse with its arrival,” said Akshat Rathee, MD & Co-Founder, NODWIN Gaming. “A full-blown CODM tournament was long overdue, we heard the community and it eventually happened. We are glad to have made this move and I’m sure this will be a wonderful platform for the gamers to make a name for themselves,”

CODM India Challenge 2020 Tournament Details

CODM India Challenge 2020 Tournament AnnouncedCredits: NODWIN Gaming

Indian teams interested in participating in the tournament can register in 5v5, Battle Royale, or opt for both game modes to have a shot of the very first CODM India Challenge Title. Registration for the 5v5 Match started on Nov. 20 until Nov. 30, and the registration for the Battle Royale match started on Nov. 20 until Dec. 7 via the official website. The tournament is strictly for Indian residents only.

Qualifiers for 5v5 matches will be on Dec. 2 and 3 while the Qualifiers for Battle Royale will be on Dec. 9 and 10. 

Prizes for the 5v5 Game Mode

Prize Pool: 2,35,000 INR 

1st Prize: 1,25,000 INR

2nd Prize: 50,000 INR

3rd and 4th Prize: 30,000 INR

Prizes for the Battle Royale Game Mode

Prize Pool: 4,13, 000 INR

1st: 1,25,000 INR

2nd: 50,000 INR

3rd and 4th: 26,000 INR

5th and 6th: 22,000 INR

7th and 8th: 20,000 INR

9th and 10th: 16,000 INR

11th and 12th: 12,500 INR

13th to 16th: 10,000 INR

A prize of 3,000 INR will also be given to the player with the highest kills in the Battle Royale game mode.

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Format and Schedule: There will be a total of 4 cups for 5v5 and battle royale modes combined for a total prize pool of 6,48,000 INR. The winners of the cups for both game modes will move on to the grand finals set to take place on Dec. 28, 2020. 

The CODM India Invitationals Tournament was also streamed live on Nov. 19 where 8 fan-favorite mobile streamers showcase their skills for the prize pool of 72, 000 INR and earn the title CODM India Invitational 2020 Winners. 

The CODM India Challenge 2020 tournament will be streamed live on NODWIN Gaming’s official Facebook Page and YouTube Channel.

For registration and more details about the CODM India Challenge 2020, visit the official website.


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