Higin CODM Majors: Teams, Prizepool & Schedule Announced

John Dave Rossel
20/Nov/2020 12:04 pm

The Higin CODM Major Tournament will have a prize pool of 3 Lakh INR ($4047~ USD).
Higin CODM Majors event will feature fan favourite streamers like ScoutOP and NovaKing as Team Captains.
Force One and Team Blind will be participating as underdogs for the event.

The Higin CODM Majors will kick off soon and is set to feature esports athletes and fan favourite streamers from India including the likes of ScoutOP and NovaKing as team captains for the tournament. The Call of Duty: Mobile tournament has a total prize pool of 3 Lakh INR ($4047~ USD). The tournament will take place from November 26th to 29th.

Higin CODM Majors Instagram PostCredits: HIGIN | CODM

The tournament also features a unique auction system in which fan favourite streamers will get a chance to select their team members making it a must watch event for COD Mobile fans in the country.

Details of the Higin CODM Majors

The event format is relatively simple. Eight Streamers have been invited to the event. They will be picking and building their teams from the 40 Players (From top tier COD Mobile teams) available in the auction phase.

Invited Streamers:

  • Scout
  • Owais
  • Nova
  • Payal
  • Blaezi
  • 420Op
  • Hastar
  • Kratos

As for the CODM Teams, we have:

  • Team IND
  • Team Mayhem
  • Team S8UL
  • Team 8TH Wonder
  • Team Reckoning
  • Team Godlike

Force One who won the Higin CODM Minor 1 and Team Blind won Minor 2 will also qualify for the Higin COD Mobile Majors as the underdog teams. 

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Higin CODM Majors Tournament Format:

Phase 1: Auction (November 22)

There will be a total of 8 teams composed of 5 members each for a total of 40 players. The invited streamers will be the team captains and they will bid against each other to get their team members. 

Phase 2: League Stage (November 26 to 28)

The matches will be held in a Round Robin Format. All 8 teams will play 7 matches in total against the opposing teams out of which, the best of 3 will be considered. The top 4 teams will proceed to the next phase.

Phase 3: Semifinals (November 29)

The remaining teams will be divided into two groups with 2 teams each group. Then a best of 5 match will be played between teams in each group. The winning team from each group will then proceed to the last phase of the Higin CODM Majors.

Phase 4: Finals (November 29)

The final two teams will have their last battle against each other via Best of 5 rounds format. The winning team will be going home with the trophy and the first prize money.  

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Event Prize Pool:

  • 1st Prize- 1,00,000
  • 2nd Prize- 70,000
  • 3rd Prize- 30,000
  • 4th Prize- 30,000

Aside from these rewards, feature prizes will be given such as:

  • Qualifiers: Most Kills- 8,000
  • Qualifiers: Most Assists- 8,000
  • SF: Most Kills: 8,000
  • SF: Most Assists- 8,000
  • Finals: MVP- 10,000
  • Finals: Most Assists- 10,000
  • Fan Favourite Team: 20,000

If you’re eager to see the Higin CODM Majors event then check on Higin Esports YT at 2 PM this Nov. 22. 


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