12.5 lakhs, Royal Enfield and Iphone XS Max to be won at this PUBG Mobile tournament


19th, Sep, 2019

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The Pro.gamers PUBG Championships 3.0, has been announced and features a 12.5 lakh INR prize pool along with some very interesting prizes. The tournament has a fee to enter and allows solo, duos and squads to take part. The tournament will be played on Erangel and the mode used will be TPP. 

The prize pool is divided as follows:

Solo Platinum

1st : Rs.1,22,000

2nd : Rs.42,000

3rd : Rs.20,000

4th : Rs.12,000

5th : Rs.8,000

6th : Rs.6,000

7th : Rs.4,000

8th to 50th : Rs.2,000/Player

Solo Gold

1st : Rs.61,000

2nd : Rs.21,000

3rd : Rs.10,000

4th : Rs.6,000

5th : Rs.4,000

6th : Rs.3,000

7th : Rs.2,000

8th to 50th : Rs.1,000/Player

Solo Silver

1st : Rs.21,000

2nd : Rs.8,000

3rd : Rs.3,000

4th : Rs.2,000

5th : Rs.1,500

6th : Rs.1,000

7th : Rs.600

8th to 50th : Rs.300/Player

Solo Bronze

1st : Rs.10,500

2nd : Rs.4,000

3rd : Rs.1,500

4th : Rs.1,000

5th : Rs.750

6th : Rs.500

7th : Rs.300

8th to 50th : Rs.150/Player

Squad Platinum

1st : Rs.40,000

2nd : Rs.15,000

3rd : Rs.7,000

4th : Rs.4,000

5th to 20th : Rs.1,500/Team

Squad Gold

1st : Rs.25,000

2nd : Rs.11,000

3rd : Rs.5,000

4th : Rs.3,000

5th to 20th : Rs.1,000/Team

Squad Silver

1st : Rs.7,100

2nd : Rs.2,100

3rd : Rs.1,100

4th : Rs.700

5th to 20th : Rs.250/Team

Duo Platinum

1st : Rs.16,000

2nd : Rs.6,000

3rd : Rs.4,000

4th to 10th : Rs.2000/Team

Duo Gold

1st : Rs.8,000

2nd : Rs.3,000

3rd : Rs.2,000

4th to 10th : Rs.1000/Team

Duo Silver

1st : Rs.4,000

2nd : Rs.1,500

3rd : Rs.1,000

4th to 10th : Rs.500/Team

Special Prizes

Royal Enfield Classic 500

Iphone XS Max


The registration fees for the various modes are: 

Registration Charges:


Rs. 300 - (SOLO GOLD)

Rs. 100 - (SOLO SILVER)

Rs. 50 - (SOLO BRONZE)

Rs. 400 - (DUO PLATINUM)

Rs. 200 - (DUO GOLD)

Rs. 100 - (DUO SILVER)


Rs. 400 - (SQUAD GOLD)

Rs. 100 - (SQUAD SILVER)

Rs. 2100 - (COMBO PACK - ALL IN ONE)


The registrations will be conducted on ticketing platform Book My Show and the link for the same can be found here. Details for the format and dates are also included in the link. 

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