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ML Reveals Upcoming New Content: New Heroes, Revamps, New Game Modes

John Dave Rossel
11/Apr/2021 08:01 am

Moonton officially reveals a few of their plans for upcoming content in MLBB.
Vexanna and Feramis will recieve a revamp soon along with a new hero that can replicate other hero's ultimate skill.
The release dates for the upcoming content is yet to be revealed.

Moonton officially reveals a few of their plans for upcoming content in their hit mobile MOBA title Mobile Legends: Bang Bang through their official social media handles. The upcoming content for Mobile Legends includes two of the out of meta heroes getting a revamp, a new mystery hero that can replicate other hero’s ultimate skill, another new game mode, changes to in-game mechanics for Mythic players adding a whole new challenge to the game and many more. Here are more details regarding the upcoming content for Mobile Legends.

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Mobile Legends Reveals New Content

The new contents were revealed through the official social media handles of MLBB with the caption “This time we'll reveal all the real news.” The release dates of this content are yet to be revealed. 

Here is the summary of the upcoming content revealed in the post;

Vexana and Feramis Revamp

The two heroes who are considered too weak for the current meta will finally have their well-deserved revamped. Vexana and Feramis have always been one of the most underpowered heroes in MLBB. It would be interesting to see if the devs can make them viable in the current meta of the game. 

New Mobile Legends Hero

A new mysterious hero has been teased in the post. The post described him as a hero that can turn into an enemy hero and replicate their ultimate skill. There isn’t any hero with similar mechanics in the advanced server of MLBB. Players will have to keep their eyes peeled for more updates in the future. 

ML Reveals New ContentVexana and Feramis will be getting a revamp soon.

New Game Mode Featuring the ML Hero Beatrix

Apart from the previously released Survival: Nexus game mode, there will be another game mode that features the recently released hero Beatrix. 

New Mythic Ranked Match Mechanics

A new challenge has been presented for the strongest players of ML. Matches for Mythic ranked players and tournaments will be much more challenging as attributes of turrets, jungle monsters, etc. will be different compared to regular matches. 

Mobile Legends S.T.U.N. Music Band Revealed

The post also revealed that MLBB will form its own music band called S.T.U.N. and will be arriving really soon. 

ML Reveals New ContentMoonton is making their own music band called S.T.U.N.

“Star” Event Coming Soon

Moonton also revealed that a new event about “Star” will be coming soon in the game. This might be a Lucky Star event but we can’t say for sure until they officially announce it. 

Event Regarding the Celestial Palace

The devs have also revealed an upcoming event featuring the collapse of the Celestial Palace. Following the game’s lore, the Celestial Palace is a floating city above the skies of the Land of Dawn. This is also the battlefield where players fight in the game. 

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These are just a few of the upcoming content coming soon on Mobile Legends. The 515 Party Event is expected to arrive along with the S.T.U.N. skin line soon. More information will be announced in the future.


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