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Free Fire Project Callback Event: Get a chance to win 20,000 Diamonds

John Dave Rossel
23/Feb/2021 09:48 am

The Project Callback event tasks players to invite their inactive friends and be rewarded.
Players have a chance to win 19,999 diamonds in the Cobra Boxes they acquire in the event along with more Cobra Tokens.
The event will last until Feb. 28, 2021.

Free Fire Project Callback Event is one of the big events from Garena, which allows players a chance to win 19,999 diamonds. The event is similar to the previous Friend Callback events announced by Garena. Free Fire Project Callback Event tasks players to invite their friends who have been inactive for several days to log back in and play the game. For each returning friend, players will receive a loot box containing Cobra Tokens and a grand prize of 19,999 diamonds. Here are more details on how you can participate and win big at the Free Fire Project Callback Event. 

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Free Fire Project Callback Event Details

This is your chance to invite your inactive friends and play with them again. The event rewards players with Cobra Boxes to invite inactive players and have them log in to the game once again. The event will last from Feb. 24 until Feb. 28, 2021. 

The Cobra Boxes contain Cobra Tokens which players can exchange for event-exclusive items in the event shop. On top of the Cobra Tokens, players also have a chance to obtain the grand prize of 19,999 Diamonds by open the Cobra Boxes. 

Get a chance to earn up to 19,999 diamonds in the Project Callback Event in Free Fire.Invite inactive friends to play the game once again to receive rewards.

Free Fire Project Callback Event Rewards

Here are the rewards that players can obtain from the event;

  • Callback 1 friend: x1 Purple Cobra Box
  • Callback 3 friends: x3 Purple Cobra Box
  • Callback 5 friends: x5 Purple Cobra Box
  • Callback 7 friends: x7 Purple Cobra Box

The rewards inside the Cobra Box are too good to pass. This is the perfect opportunity to acquire a lot of Cobra Tokens and even a chance to acquire up to 19,999 Diamonds by just inviting your friends back into the game. 

Here are the rewards you can obtain from the Cobra Box;

  • 19,999 Diamond
  • x5 Cobra Token
  • x4 Cobra Token
  • x3 Cobra Token
  • x2 Cobra Token
  • x1 Cobra Token

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If you want to get your hands on the 19,999 diamonds, then you better hurry. There are also other events featured in the Project Cobra Update that reward player with more Cobra Tokens. Don’t forget to log in on Feb. 27 to claim a free character, Shirou, in Free Fire. 


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