Free Fire Cobra Go Event: Free Skins and Other Rewards

John Dave Rossel
21/Feb/2021 08:07 am

The Cobra Go event has been released featuring the Cobra Sidekick Bundle and the Slither Surfboard.
The event is a mini-game where players roll a dice in order to make progress and earn Cobra Coins.
Cobra Coins can be exchanged for in-game rewards through the event shop.

The Free Fire Cobra Go event is finally underway. The new event offers players a ton of exciting rewards like the Cobra Sidekick skin bundle, Slither Surfboard, weapon royale vouchers, and more. The event will last until March 7, 2021. The Free Fire Cobra Go event is one of the few events released during the Project Cobra update along with additional content like the revamped training ground and new functional weapons for the game. Don’t miss this opportunity to acquire these event-exclusive skins in the game. Here are more details regarding the Cobra Go event in Free Fire and how to obtain the rewards.

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Free Fire Cobra Go Event: Details

The Cobra Go event works like a board game where players roll dice and move through the mini-game board to redeem the rewards. These dice rolls can be acquired by completing the daily event tasks provided and by simply logging in every day. 

Each square in the mini-game board has a surprise for players. Squares may contain rewards or perks to help the player progress or traps that will hinder the player from moving forward.

The Cobra Go event is now live in Free Fire.The mini-game will have perks and traps scattered around the board.

After finishing a certain number of laps, players will receive additional rewards. Here are the rewards they can acquire after completing a specific number of laps.

  • 5 Laps – 2000 Gold
  • 10 Laps – Memory Fragment
  • 15 Laps - Legendary Cobra Pin x1

Players will collect Cobra Coins in the mini-game, which can be used to purchase in-game items in the event shop. 

Free Fire Cobra Go Event: Rewards

After collecting enough Cobra Coins from the event, players can access the event store to exchange their coins for in-game items.

Here is the list of items that players can acquire;

  • Cobra Sidekick (Top) - 80 Cobra Coins
  • Cobra Sidekick (Bottom) - 60 Cobra Coins
  • Cobra Sidekick (Shoes) - 40 Cobra Coins
  • Slither Surfboard - 30 Cobra Coins
  • Weapon Royale Voucher - 10 Cobra Coins

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The Cobra Go Event is just one of the few events offered in the Project Cobra Update. Make sure to log in on Feb. 27, 2021, to get a new character, Shirou, for free. 


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