Jacko Warns Mobile Legends Esports Pros About the Dangers of Match Fixing

John Dave Rossel
19/Feb/2021 09:32 am

Mark Anthony “Jacko” Soriano warns fellow MLBB pros to avoid match fixing in tournaments.
He then shares his story where he got involved in a match fixing incident back in 2014.
His post was well received by fans and popular celebrities in the Philippine esports scene.

Mark Anthony “Jacko” Soriano, the former Dota 2 pro who switched to Mobile Legends esports recently, warned pros about the dangers of match fixing in tournaments and why it simply wasn’t worth it. As someone who had to learn this lesson the hard way, Jacko "Jacko" Soriano stated that he couldn’t enjoy playing Dota 2 for seven years because of his past. The Filipino esports pro was found guilty of match fixing his team’s matches during his career as a Dota 2 pro player which led to his ban from any official Valve tournaments, ultimately ending his career as a Dota 2 esports player. After Jacko’s shift to Mobile Legends, he aims to educate players about the dangers of this illegal activity and prevent anyone from making the same mistake he made a few years ago. 

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Jacko Warns Mobile Legends Esports Pros About Match Fixing

Jacko made a post on Facebook, warning other Mobile Legends esports players to avoid match fixing to hopefully prevent anyone who might tread the same fate as him a few years back wherein his team, Mineski-DOTA, intentionally threw a match against Immunity for money. 

“Here is my advice, I’ve been there, and for seven years, I couldn’t enjoy playing Dota 2,“ stated Jacko in his post. 

In 2014, Jacko in his team Mineski-DOTA received a ban from Valve, which prevented them from joining the biggest Dota 2 tournaments like the Majors and The International. Recently, Jacko decided to switch to the growing mobile esports scene of Mobile Legends. 

“I transferred to Mobile Legends to start my career and have a fresh start; I’ve learned my lesson,” the former Dota 2 pro player added. 

Jacko then expressed his regrets and shared what could’ve been if he didn’t get involved in the issue back in 2014. He encourages players not to trade their dignity and integrity for money. 

His post was met with a lot of support from his fans and popular personalities in the Filipino esports scene. LuponWxC CEO and shoutcaster Nico “Kuya Nic” Nazario extended his support to the promising esports pro.

Nico Nico "Kuya Nic" Nazario supports Jacko.

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With his newfound purpose in the Mobile Legends esports scene, Jacko has set off and begun his career as a professional player in one of the biggest mobile MOBAs in the market. 


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