Wild Rift Lunar Gifting Event: Win Poro Coins By Gifting Your Friends

John Dave Rossel
11/Feb/2021 09:29 am

Riot Games, in partnership with Codashop, announced Lunar Gifting Event where players can earn Poro Coins by gifting Wild Cores to their friends.
Players can only gift other players on their respective regions. Every 10 Wild Cores gifted rewards players with 2 Poro Coins.
Here are the steps on how to participate in this event.

The Wild Rift Lunar Gifting Event has been announced by Riot Games, in partnership with Codashop, one of Asia’s largest top-up website for online games. The Wild Rift Lunar Gifting event rewards players with Poro Coins when they gift their friends Wild Cores. Wild Cores are premium currencies used to purchase skins and other cosmetics in the game, while Poro Coins are currencies used to buy champion poses, baubles, emotes, and more in the Poro Shop. The event is open to all players in the Southeast Asia Region in Wild Rift. Here are more details regarding the Wild Rift Lunar Gifting event. 

How to Win Poro Coins in the Wild Rift Lunar Gifting Event

The Lunar Gifting event will reward players 2 Poro Coins for every 10 Wild Cores they give to their friends in Wild Rift. You can then use the Poro Coins you earned to purchase more in-game cosmetics, fill up your Poro Chest, and receive a random skin up to Epic Tier. Take note that you can only gift Wild Cores to players within your respective countries. 

Players can only gift Wild Cores to their friends via the Codashop website. Here is a step-by-step instruction on how you can gift Wild Cores using the website.

Steps on how to gift Wild Cores to your friends using the Lunar Gifting Event in Wild RIft.Fill in your friend's Riot ID first then your Riot ID on the next box.

  1. Head to the official event website of Codashop by clicking the link provided.
  2. Fill in your friend’s Riot ID and your own Riot ID.
  3. Select how much WIld Cores you want to give to your friend. Take note that every 10 Wild Cores will provide you with 2 Poro Coins.
  4. Select your mode of payment from the available options on the website. 
  5. Click on the “Buy Now” button to complete your transaction.

Your friend will receive the Wild Cores while you will receive Poro Coins based on how much Wild Cores you gave to your friend. Entering your email address is optional. You can also immediately proceed to click the Buy Now button without sharing your email address. your email address is optional.

On top of this, there is also another event coming from Riot Game and Codashop, the Lunar Hunt event where players can participate and win official Wild Rift merchandise, Wild Cores, and a Champion of their choice. 

There are many new events from Wild Rift, don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate Lunar New Year and obtain exciting prizes in the game. 


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