MLBB Grand Collection Event: How to Obtain Epic Skins

John Dave Rossel
1/Feb/2021 05:23 am

Moonton announced an upcoming event in MLBB featuring the new Wan Wan skin, Pixel Blast.
Complete event missions to acquire tokens or spend diamonds to draw in the event and win skins. The draw event will also allow player to acquire limited-edition Epic skins: Lunar Magic Chang'e and Valhalla Ruler Franco.
The event will run from Feb. 5 until Feb. 25, 2021

The MLBB Grand Collection Event has gone live in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Moonton has released the new draw event featuring a new skin for Wan Wan named the Pixel Blast. This draw event will also allow players to obtain two Epic Grade skins, Lunar Magic Chang’e and Valhalla Ruler Franco. This is a good chance to acquire these rare skins in the game. Here is how you can acquire them.

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MLBB Grand Collection Event

The event allows players to acquire skins of 4 different tiers, Collector/Epic, Special, Elite, and Basic. The event will allow you to acquire permanent skins after completing all event missions.

MLBB Grand Collection Event: How to Obtain Epic SkinsCredits: Moonton

Event Tokens and Crystals of Aurora will be consumed first when drawing for skins. Players will receive a 50% discount on their first draw each day. You can use this opportunity to maximize your draws and save diamonds.

You can acquire event tokens by playing the mini-game in the event and earning enough points. This allows you to have one free spin if you save enough tokens in the event. One event token or Crystal of Aurora is equivalent to one diamond.

MLBB Grand Collection Event: How to Obtain Epic SkinsGrand Collection Mini-Game | Credits: Moonton

The event allows players to choose their desired skin for each skin tiers before they draw in the event. They will only receive the skin that they selected in each tier. If players land on the purple box, they will receive one of the skins they selected in the event.

MLBB Grand Collection Event: How to Obtain Epic SkinsCredits: Moonton

Each item in the prize pool can only be drawn once. However, if players drew a duplicate of a skin they already own, it will be converted to Skin Fragments.

Each draw costs 10 more diamonds than the previous draw. Therefore, it is advisable to wait for the daily 50% discount if you are short on diamonds.

Grand Collector Prize Pool

MLBB Grand Collection Event: How to Obtain Epic SkinsGrand Collection Prize Pool | Credits: Moonton

The event will be available on Feb. 5 and will run until Feb. 25, 2021. Take this opportunity to acquire these limited-time event skins.

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This is just one of the upcoming events in MLBB. There is also an upcoming Valentine’s day event where players can acquire Valentine’s day themed skins and more through the gifting system. 

Stay tuned for more updates regarding upcoming content in MLBB.


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