The Wild Rift Lunar Beast Event: What Skins Will be Added?

John Dave Rossel
31/Jan/2021 01:45 pm

Wild Rift will have a shared event with its PC counterpart called Lunar Beast event.
An exclusive Wild Rift skin, the Lunar Beast Miss Fortune skin will be added to the game alongside this event
Champions like Darius, Annie, Alistar, Jarvan IV, Fiora might be added to the game

Wild Rift announced the Lunar Beast event during the Season 2021 Opening Livestream. The event will feature multiple themed new skins to welcome the Chinese New Year. The devs will also be bringing in an exclusive skin for Miss Fortune to the popular mobile-MOBA as part of this event. . Here is what we know about the Lunar Beast event in Wild Rift. 

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Lunar Beast Event Skins

The Lunar Beast event has been confirmed by the official Twitter page of League of Legends: Wild Rift. The devs stated that this would be a shared event. So the event will simultaneously go live on both the PC and Mobile versions of the game.

However, even though it is a shared event, the mobile game will be getting an exclusive set added to it. Wild Rift will have its own exclusive Lunar Beast skin for Miss Fortune. This skin will not be available for its PC counterpart. 

Wild Rift: What We Know About the Lunar Beast EventLunar Beast Miss Fortune Skin Model

In addition to the Wild Rift exclusive Miss Fortune skin, these are the skins that might be added to the game. You might notice that they all adhere to a distinct theme.

Lunar Beast Alistar

Wild Rift: What We Know About the Lunar Beast EventLunar Beast Alistar was expected because this is the year of the Ox.

Lunar Beast Annie

Lunar Beast AnnieThe Lunar Beast Annie skin shows her mischievous character.

Lunar Beast Darius

Lunar Beast DariusLunar Beast Darius' horns give the champion an all-new twist

Lunar Beast Jarvan IV

Lunar Beast Jarvan IVJust like Darius, the Lunar Beast Jarvan IV also looks quite impressive.

Lunar Beast Fiora

Lunar Beast FioraLunar Beast Fiora looks regal

Note: Riot Games is yet to officially confirm if these skins will be added to the game for the Lunar Beast event. Some of these skins may get removed and might not be added to the game alongside the Lunar Beast event. 

Katarina and Rammus in Wild Rift

Based on the Season 2021 Opening Livestream, the devs also revealed that they would be releasing an average of two champions each month. They also had previously revealed that Katarina and Rammus would be next in line for the release. These two champions may be added to Wild Rift in the upcoming Lunar Beast event patch. 

Wild Rift: What We Know About the Lunar Beast EventRammus and Katarina in Wild Rift

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What is Lunar Beast/ Lunar Revel Event?

This is a recurring event in League of Legends PC and will soon be available in Wild Rift. Every year, Riot Games celebrates the Lunar New Year by releasing new skins and in-game missions that fit the occasion. The missions reward players with profile icons and champion skins

This Lunar year is the year of the Ox. Because of this, we can expect a new Alistar Skin in the upcoming patch.  


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