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Kennen Might Recieve a Nerf in Wild Rift Soon

John Dave Rossel
29/Jan/2021 07:37 am

Game manager of Wild Rift, Jonathan Chao, hints that they are Planning on nerfing Kennen in a sarcastic Tweeter post.
Kennen is currently one of the strongest champions in the game due to his overwhelming stuns and burst damage.
Using Malphite, Teemo or Olaf can be helful in dealing with Kennen as these champions can poke him down at a safe distance.

When Kennen was released as part of the Yordle Expedition event, which kicked off on Jan. 9th, 2021 in Wild Rift, many players have noticed his overwhelming potential in the game. Players have frequently complained that he is overpowered compared to other champions. So Riot Games might make a move, nerfing the champion.

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Kennen Might Be Nerfed

Kennen has always been one of the best mid and top lane champions in Wild Rift ever since he was released in the game. This is due to his powerful AoE ultimate and passive, which let him stun enemies after hitting them with three skills. 

Wild Rift game manager, Jonathan Chao, made a Twitter post hinting that the devs are looking to balance Kennen. This tweet hints that they are aware of Kennen’s overwhelming presence in the game and are keeping an eye out for the little ninja. 

Riot Games is yet to make any official announcements on who will be next in line for nerfs in Wild Rift. The devs are well known for listening to players’ feedback regarding the game and will respond accordingly. So it is likely that Kennen will be nerfed in the upcoming patch.

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Dealing With Kennen in Wild Rift

Kennen might be one of the strongest mid and top lakers in the game, but he is not invincible. If you are playing against Kennen, you need to avoid using melee champions unless they have long-range skills that can easily poke him down.

Here are the champions that you can use to counter him in the lane:


Mainly because of his homing 1st skill, Seismic Shard, that you can use to spam and hit Kennen without having to get too close to him. AP Malphite works best against Kennen, so you can spam your 1st skill and keep him from winning your lane. 


Teemo can continuously deal damage with his passive, which is very useful against Kennen. He can also turn invisible and catch your opponent off guard and dodge skillshots to prevent getting stunned. Being aggressive as Teemo is the best way to deal with Kennen.


Mainly because Olaf is immune to all CC effects while using his ultimate skill, so you wouldn’t have to worry about being stunned. You can also spam your opponent with your first skill and damage Kennen at a distance. 


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