How To Make a Good Wild Rift Player Great, Reveals Sh1n Boo

John Dave Rossel
28/Jan/2021 09:29 am

The Team Secret Scouting Grounds tournament has finally come to an end withTeam Rebengga as the winning team.
Sh1n Boo explains what makes a good competitive player using Team Rebengga's impressive gameplay in the grand finals of the tournament.
Over the course of the tournament, lalalalissamu, A.K.A. Azar, showed an impressive performance which Sh1n Boo took note of as he explains in the video.

The Team Secret Scouting Grounds tournament has finally come to an end. Team Rebengga dominated the grand finals with a 3-0 score against Exosen and Friends. Following the conclusion of the Wild Rift Tournament. Popular Wild Rift caster, Sh1n Boo explains how the teams played and shared his thoughts on what makes a good competitive player in Wild Rift. 

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What Aspiring Wild Rift Pros Do Differently

Many aspiring Wild Rift pro players participated in the Team Secret Scouting Grounds tournament. Sh1n Boo sets his eyes on “Azar,” one of the members of Team Rebengga, and breaks down the things that we can learn from the aspiring pro player.

Being Mindful of Enemy Skill Casts

In the first match in the grand finals, Sh1n Boo notes how “lalalalissamu,” A.K.A. Azar, took note of the enemies' movements when he noticed the scuttle crab wasn’t on full HP when it appeared. 

Being mindful of what skills the enemy cast is an advantage, especially when you’re dealing with dueling champions who excel in 1v1 fights. This gives you an advantage if you know what skills he already used while you still have all or most of your skills available. 

What Makes a Good Competitive Player According to Sh1n BooCamille is left With only 2 skills and 1 ultimate.

Although it was a 1 for 1 duel because they fought under the turret, lalalalissamu’s precise engagement and how he took advantage of the opponents' skills on cooldown makes him a noteworthy player. Because of this, Akali was banned(Verbal Agreement) in the remaining matches.

Zoning Out Enemies

Sh1n Boo then discussed how Team Rebengga zoned out the enemy and prevented them from securing objectives.

During the second match, lalalalissamu picked Malphite in the Baron Lane. Because of Malphite’s poke potential and a slight advantage to armor, Kennen kept his distance and was having a hard time maximizing his gold farming. 

What Makes a Good Competitive Player According to Sh1n BooJhin had no choice but to use his Ult in hopes of stealing the Dragon.

During the dragon pit fights, Malphite’s overall presence kept the enemy team from going all in. This allowed Team Rebengga to take less risk and more rewards. 

Playing Against a Counter Champion

The third and final match was a reverse pick for the Baron Lane, lalalalissamu picked Kennen, and the opponent picked Malphite. 

Both traded blows with each other, but a notable thing that lalalalissamu did is canceling the minion aggro on him by hiding in a bush. This forces the enemy minions to attack what they see instead of keeping his HP pool high.

What Makes a Good Competitive Player According to Sh1n BooClearing the lane even if at a disadvantage.

Obviously, Malphite is at an advantage in the lane against Kennen, but how lalalalissamu reduces the loss he is having in the lane is pretty amazing. 

Responding to Teamfights

Sh1n Boo then cites how proactive Team Rebengga is when the First Dragon of the match appeared. 

The team took note of the dragon’s spawn and then grouped up before the enemy team could position themselves in the dragon pit. Because of the successful wave clear of Kennen, Malphite had to recall late and clear the minion wave, or else their turret was going to get damaged. This is a good calculation from lalalalissamu.

What Makes a Good Competitive Player According to Sh1n BooMalphite came late to the team fight, which gave Team Rebengga an advantage.

Malphite came late to the team fight, which gave Team Rebengga an advantage.

Sh1n Boo then stated that if you are losing the lane, then win in teamfights. Responding quickly to teamfights will give you the edge you need to contribute to the team.

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Advanced Decision Making

The last thing that Sh1n Boo mentioned is how good lalalalissamu is when it comes to decision making. In one of the team fights, Team Rebengga’s Aurelion Sol planned on engaging with his Starsurge. This meant that if the skill hits, it will stun most of the enemy team and could give them a huge advantage in the fight.

What Makes a Good Competitive Player According to Sh1n BooKennen’s options in heading to the teamfight

Instead of heading directly to the fight, lalalalissamu walked far ahead and met the enemy team halfway as they retreated. This goes to show how advanced pro players are compared to casual games. 

What Makes a Good Competitive Player According to Sh1n BooRetreating Kai’Sa got executed.

Team Rebengga is a pretty solid team in Wild Rift. They grabbed the title of champions in the Team Secret Scouting Ground tournament, and their members will have a chance of being drafted in Team Secret’s Wild Rift roster.

Players can learn a lot from watching Wild Rift pro players play their matches, especially if we have casters and analysts like Sh1n Boo to explain why the pro players responded the way they did.


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