Team Rebengga Wins the Team Secret Scouting Grounds Tournament

John Dave Rossel
25/Jan/2021 09:55 am

Team Rebengga won the Team Secret's Scouting Grounds tournament and went home with a $500 USD prize money.
The team will also get a chance to be drafted into Team Secret's Wild Rift esports team.
The selected members are yet to be announced. Stay tuned for more updates.

The Team Secret Scouting Grounds tournament has finally come to an end. Team Rebengga dominated the grand finals with a 3-0 score against Exosen and Friends. Along with the $500 USD prize, Team Rebengga’s members will also get a chance to be drafted into Team Secret’s Wild Rift esports team. 

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Team Secret Scouting Grounds Wild Rift Tournament

Team Secret hosted this tournament with the aim of scouting for potential members in their Wild Rift team. The competition was fierce with the prize money and the opportunity to represent the famous European org bringing out some impressive gameplay from the players competing in it.

The popular Filipino duo of Sh1n Boo and GG Sphere served as the tournament’s host and shoutcasters. 

Team Rebengga showed how superior they are when it comes to drafting and controlling objectives on the map. Team Exosen and Friends tried to flip the tide, but they eventually got overwhelmed by how fast Team Rebengga rotated around the map securing turrets and jungle objectives. 

Throughout the event, Team Rebengga showed promise and proceeded to dominate the grand finals with a score of 3-0 in a BO5 match against team Exosen and Friends and claimed the grand prize and the privilege to join Team Secret’s Wild Rift esports team. 

Some of the members of Team Rebengga (Rebengga and XDXP, in our opinion) will undoubtedly be optimistic about their chances of joining Team Secret after their eye-catching performances in the tournament. 

Who is Team Rebengga

Team Rebengga is a Wild Rift esports team in the Philippines. They recently participated in the Wild Rift Asia Brawl and fought against Nexplay Esports, formerly known as Aether Rift. Although Team Rebengga eventually got defeated by Aether Rift, they’ve ultimately found their spotlight at the Team Secret Scouting Grounds.

The team is led by Kurt “Rebengga” Cristobal, one of the best League of Legends PC esports players in the Philippines. 

Their full roster is as follows;

  • AZAR
  • XDXP

What is Team Secret

Team Secret is a global esports team formed in 2014, best known for having one of the best teams from DOTA2, League of Legends, and PUBG Mobile. They are on the lookout for potential Wild Rift players and recruit them to their organization.

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Team Secret has yet to announce its roster for Wild Rift. But many fans are confident that Rebengga will be one of its members, but we won’t know for sure until the management confirms it. We’ll just have to keep our eyes peeled for the big reveal. 


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