The First Challenger in Wild Rift Season 1 Emerges

John Dave Rossel
24/Jan/2021 08:13 am

The first Challlenger player in Wild Rift Season 1 has emerged, and he's a Support Sona main.
The challenger player has an amazing 65% win rate with Sona and has played 233 matches with the Champion.
Sona works well in higher ranks because teammates coordinate with each other. In lower ranks, most people are still trying to get used to how the game is played which results in uncoordinated team fights.

Just a few weeks after the Ranked Season 1 of Wild Rift has started, the very first challenger player for this season has emerged. A Sona support main with an impressive 65.7% win rate has surprisingly become the first-ever Challenger in Wild Rift Season 1. Support mains rejoiced since it was most unexpected to have a support player be the first player to breach the Challenger mark.

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First Challenger in Wild Rift Season 1

The challenger player, 虎牙领峰招Q56155555#小 300, which roughly translates to “Leading the Peak,” has spent a total of 233 matches playing Sona. He has also played as Vi and Lee Sin, a significant amount.

The First Challenger in Wild Rift Season 1 EmergesCredits: Riot Games

At the time of this writing, the challenger player has garnered a total Champion Point Score of 6,633 for Sona. It is quite an achievement considering you only earn around 30 champion points per match. 

The First Challenger in Wild Rift Season 1 EmergesCredits: Riot Games

The player has also garnered a total of 754 matches played and 2 Pentakills so far. These numbers continue to rise as the challenger player continues to dominate the SEA server in Wild Rift.

Who is Sona

The maven of the strings, Sona, is an enchanter support that offers a lot of utility and CC for the team. She can shield, heal, buff damage, provide CC and increase teammates’ movement speed amongst many other crucial advantages.

The First Challenger in Wild Rift Season 1 EmergesCredits: Riot Games

However, she is underrated support due to Seraphine outshining her in terms of damage and overall impact in team fights. We can see Sona doing well in higher ranks due to responsive teammates who can coordinate well with Sona’s CCs, but in lower ranks, Seraphine is far more superior as she has the potential to carry the whole team with her damage. 

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Hopefully, this can inspire people to play as the team’s support and experience how important the role is in the overall game. Needless to say, sooner or later, more players will start showing up in the Challenger ranks in weeks to come. 

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