Burmese Ghouls and RRQ Hoshi Secure Top 3 Finish at M2 World Championship

John Dave Rossel
22/Jan/2021 01:51 pm

RRQ Hoshi and Burmese Ghouls will proceed to the semi-finals of the M2 World Championship.
Omega Esports will face Alter Ego in the lower brackets while Bren Esports will go against Todak.
Day 2 of the Playoffs stage will commence on Jan 23, 2021 where the teams on the lower bracket will fight on who will make it to semi-finals.

The Playoffs Stage of the M2 World Championship is in full swing. For the fourth day of the tournament, the top 8 teams battled it out in the double-elimination bracket. Only six teams will make it to tomorrow. Here is how day 4 of the tournament went down.

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M2 World Championship Playoffs Day 1

Alter Ego 2-0 10S Gaming Frost

Alter Ego secured two consecutive wins against 10S Gaming Frost. The Japanese team tried to close the gap but the Indonesian team’s strategy is far more superior thanks to LeoMurphy’s impressive engagements during team fights. 

Todak 2-0 EVOS SG

Todak and EVOS SG showed an intense match but Todak dominated the team fights, pushing the Singaporean team back against a wall. The match concluded with Todak getting two consecutive wins against EVOS SG.

Burmese Ghouls 2-0 Bren Esports

Burmese Ghouls showed they’re more than just underdogs of the tournament and dominated Bren Esports with two straight wins in the match. The Burmese team exploited one of Bren Esports weaknesses and picked Diggy on the second match to mess with Bren’s strategy.

RRQ Hoshi 2-0 Omega Esports

RRQ Hoshi and Omega Esports went head-to-head, trading kills in the process. Albert’s Ling showed impressive plays in the first match allowing RRQ to secure objectives and made a comeback against Omega Esports. In the second match, the Indonesian team surprised everyone with their funnel strategy which allowed them to end the game in around 10 minutes, the fastest match in the M2 World Championship yet. 

Tournament Bracket

Burmese Ghouls and RRQ Hoshi will proceed to the Semi-finals while the remaining 4 teams will have their last chance at redemption and fight on the second day of the Playoffs stage. 

Burmese Ghouls and RRQ Hoshi Proceeds to the Semi-Finals of the M2 World ChampionshipCredits: MLBB YouTube

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