CODM: Devs Consider Adding Features from Chinese Version

John Dave Rossel
22/Jan/2021 09:54 am

CODM revealed the next season name and theme. Season 1: New Order will have a strong cyberpunk theme focused on future tech.
Devs are also considering on adding features from Chinese version into the Global version of CODM.
Rebirth Map is also revealed for the next Season of CODM.

CODM has just released the teaser for their upcoming season. As announced by the devs, the next season will start fresh and will be named Season 1: New Order. Along with the new season comes new content and features to be added to the game. One of the frequently asked questions is regarding Global adapting to the game’s Chinese server’s features. The devs responded that they might consider adding them.

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CODM Season 1 community update

Season 13 is almost at its conclusion. The devs are getting busy preparing the game for the upcoming new season. 

COD Mobile posted a community update on the official subreddit showcasing the upcoming season. The next season will be titled “New Order” and will feature futuristic themed content. 

The devs revealed why they refreshed the season count. They stated that it would help new players not feel intimidated and think they have missed a lot of content in the game. 

The devs also stated that next season’s theme would be leaning on focusing on future tech. This makes sense considering the trailer for Season 1 looks like the players are time traveling to a certain timeline. 

Devs consider adding Chinese server features

The devs gave us a glimpse of their future plans for the game through the Question and Answer they added on the community Update. 

The devs responded to the question “Are CODM China Features coming to CODM Global?” by saying that it is a possibility. This has been something the devs have been considering for a while and may depend on how the contents would make sense for each version of the game. 

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Rebirth Map Confirmed?

A new multiplayer map has also been teased in the community update. Based on the buildings in the image, we can speculate that this will be the Rebirth Map that has been leaked during the Season 13 Public Test Builds. 

Season 1 might just be one of the best updates for CODM Mobile. The teasers look promising, and we might get to see more content reveals in a couple of days. Stay tuned for more updates for the upcoming Season 1 of CODM.


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