The Little Devil Teemo is Now Available in Wild Rift

John Dave Rossel
22/Jan/2021 07:56 am

Teemo is now available in Wild Rift along with two new skins, Cottontail Teemo and Little Devil Teemo.
Teemo is a specialist champion that can be played in any lane and can built either AD or AP. His skill revolves around killing opponents with his poison and staying hidden until the write time to strike with his camouflage skill.
All the five champions in the Yordle Expedition event has been released. All that's left is to complete every event missions and claim all rewards.

The most awaited champion in the Yordle Expedition Event has finally arrived. Teemo is now available in Wild Rift and can be purchased in the shop. He is the last champion to be released during the event, along with two new skins.

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Who is Teemo in Wild Rift

Teemo is a flexible champion that can be played in Baron, Mid, or Dragon lane. If players are good enough, he can also be played in the jungle lane. He is widely known as “the little devil” due to his unpredictable nature that players find annoying. 

His passive “Toxic Shot” allows Teemo to inflict poison damage on his enemies with his basic attacks. The damage increases based on his AP, so the more magic damage Teemo has, the more his basic attacks hurt.

His first skill, “Blinding Dart,” is one of the main reasons every marksman hates him. This allows Teemo to inflict blinding debuff on enemies hit by his first skill. This prevents enemies from dealing basic attack damage for a few seconds making their attacks useless. Riot Games

His second skill, and arguably one of the cutest skill animations, “Move Quick,” allows Teemo to do a barrel roll and gain extra movement speed. This allows him to chase down opponents or escape from tight situations. Riot Games

His third skill, “Guerilla Warfare,” makes him camouflaged until he attacks enemies or gets revealed. Once Teemo is revealed, he briefly gains extra attack speed. Unlike in the PC version, where Teemo stays invisible until he moves, Teemo can be revealed if enemies are too close to him. Riot Games

His ultimate skill, “Noxious Trap,” is Teemo’s signature skill. This allows him to place mushrooms anywhere on the map that explodes and deals poison damage, and slows enemies in its crater. Riot Games

Teemo is so notorious for being annoying. Riot Games actually made a Halloween themed event just for the Little Devil himself, The Doom Bots of Doom Game Mode. 

The Little Devil, Teemo, is Now Available in Wild RiftDoom Bots of Doom Game Mode | Credits: Riot Games

This puts the players against very unfair Bots who have all the advantages they need and may even use other champions' skills. Players will have to survive for 15 minutes before the final boss appears. An oversize Teemo wearing his Little Devil Skin will show up, and players will have to defeat him to win the game. 

Skin Release

Teemo also came with two new skins in the shop. The skins are Cotton Tail Teemo and Little Devil Teemo. 

The Little Devil Teemo skin perfectly depicts the evil nature of Teemo in the game. Truly the perfect skin you would want to have if you plan on wreaking havoc in every match in Wild Rift. 

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All the champions from the Yordle Expedition event have been released. All that’s left is to finish all the missions and acquire all the rewards.  Don’t miss this opportunity to receive in-game items and a champion chest that allows you to choose one of the five new yordle champions in Wild Rift.


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