Akosi Dogie Talks About Trash Talking in M2 World Championship

John Dave Rossel
21/Jan/2021 10:38 am

After the conclusion of the Group Stage for the M2 World Championships, fans of Alter Ego and Bren Esports started exchanging hateful comments.
Akosi Dogie shares his thoughts regarding this matter stating that trash talking is a norm for Filipinos. He also stated that Indonesians are more humble then Filipinos.
The streamer also revealed that he voted for Alter Ego in the M2 Prediction event believing that Ahmad was able to attend in the tournament. He believes that Ahmad is a solid esports pro and without him, Alter Ego is gonna have a hard time.

The Group Stage of the M2 World Championship has finally ended with fierce rivals Alter Ego and Bren Esports making it to the playoffs. However, Filipino team Bren Esports made it to the Upper Bracket of the playoffs, while Indonesian team Alter Ego could only manage a Lower Bracket berth. As a result, some trash talking ensued, with fans exchanging some toxic comments on both Bren Esports and Alter Ego’s social media handles.

Popular Filipino streamer, Akosi Dogie, shares his thoughts on this matter after the Group Stage’s aftermath.

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War Between Fans

The heated war between fans started when Bren Esports player Karl Gabriel “Karltzy” Nepomuceno posted an image on his Instagram account where he taunted Alter Ego after beating them 2-0 in the M2 World Championship Group Stages.

This sparked a ruckus with Filipino fans jumping in and spamming Alter Ego’s social media pages with some trash talking. 

In his YouTube page, Akosi Dogie stated that things like these are pretty normal for Filipinos but it might be a different case for other countries such as Indonesia. He also said that Indonesians are a bit more humble than Filipinos, who would trash talk a team after beating them for weeks to come.

Who Did Dogie Voted in the M2 Prediction Event?

In his vlog, Dogie also revealed who he thinks will win in the M2 World Championship. He logged into the game and showed that he actually voted for Alter Ego in the M2 Prediction event. 

Akosi Dogie Talks About the Toxicity Between Alter Ego and Bren Esports FansCredits: Akosi Dogie YouTube

The streamer explained that he voted for Alter Ego because he thought Ahmad was able to attend the tournament. He goes on to explain that Ahmad, for him, is actually a solid esports pro. Without Ahmad in the team, Alter Ego couldn’t win. 

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He further added that even if he voted for Alter Ego, he is still a Filipino at heart and will continue to support the Filipino teams who are participating in the M2 World Championship.

The heated battle between Bren Esports and Alter Ego might not have concluded. If Alter Ego can manage to make a run through the Lower Brackets, they might get another shot at Bren Esports. Keep up with the live scores, schedule, stream links, and more with AFK Gaming's hub for the M2 World Championship.


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