What is COD Mobile Adding to the Game in Revamped Season 1?

John Dave Rossel
21/Jan/2021 08:16 am

CODM Season 13 is coming to an end soon. CODM Garena Instagram posted a teaser depicting that the game might have a cyberpunk theme to it with a mystery character.
Leakers have posted a few contents coming from the public test build of CODM. These contents might be added in the Season 1 of the game.
The game might have an additional zombie game mode, a new operator skill, 2 new weapons, and a few bundles added in the next season.

Activision recently announced that they are refreshing the season count for their popular game, Call of Duty: Mobile (CODM). Instead of calling it Season 14, the devs plan to go back to Season 1 and bring exciting new content to players. Here is what you can expect to see in the upcoming season of CODM.

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CODM Season 1 Teaser

Recently, the official Instagram page of CODM Garena posted a teaser for the game’s upcoming season. Fans speculate that the upcoming season’s theme is Cyberpunk and will feature futuristic sci-fi elements in the game. 

Fans are also discussing who is the man in the image. Players speculate that the man in the image is Raul Menendez, the antagonist of the PC Game Call of Duty Black Ops, and he might be coming into the game next season. Activision is yet to make announcements of the upcoming Season 1 of the game.

CODM Season 1 Leaks

CODM tends to release beta test builds where a limited number of players can test the upcoming content to be released in the game’s regular servers. Not long after the testing phase, a few leaks have circulated in the COD Mobile community regarding the upcoming content for the next season of the game. 

Attack of the Undead Game Mode 20

The devs have announced this in their community update post. They are planning on bringing back this game mode with a twist. 20 players are allowed to participate in each match.

What to Expect from CODM Season 1?Credits: Activision

One of the twenty players will turn into the undead and start infecting the rest until no one is left alive or the timer runs out.

3v3 Gunfight Mode

This game mode is another variant of the 2v2 Gunfight mode, and this time, each team will have three players. According to the leaks, the game will have a total of 6 rounds. The game provides the weapon to be used each round instead of players having to choose their own load-outs. 

New Operator Skill: Gravity Vortex

Leakers have also revealed a new operator skill. It is named Gravity Vortex and features a ballistic launcher. The weapon fires a black hole to an enemy, which will then suck anyone within its range and explode.

What to Expect from CODM Season 1?Credits: Activision

New Guns

COD Mobile will add two new functional guns to the game in the next season. The guns are FR 5.56 and SKS Marksman Rifle. Based on the previous content of CODM, players might get their hands on these weapons for free from seasonal events. 

What to Expect from CODM Season 1?Credits: Activision

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Upcoming Bundles

Leakers have also uncovered a few bundles of weapon and character skins for next season. Take note that this content might still change in the future. 

Season 13 of CODM is coming to an end. With the fresh new season of CODM, players can expect a few surprises from Activision. Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming new season of CODM.


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