Free Fire: How to Get One Punch Man Villain Backpack and Gloo Wall

John Dave Rossel
20/Jan/2021 11:46 am

Free Fire released a new spin event called One Punch Wheel. The grand prizes offered in the event are the Villains 3-in-one Backpack and the One Punch Man Gloo Wall.
The first spin in the event is free but the next spins costs 40 diamonds each. Players are guaranteed to receive one of the grand prize after 10 spins.
The Villains 3-in-one Backpack changes it's appearance based on it's level. Crablante for level 1, Deep-Sea Kinf for level 2, and Boros at level 3. The Gloo Wall is an artistic image of the protagonist, Saitama, with a red background with scribbles that form the anime title.

Along with the exciting events that give exclusive event items in Free Fire’s One Punch Man collab, a spin event has also been introduced, allowing players to acquire the One Punch Man Villain backpack and Gloo Wall. Here is how you can get your hands on these rare items.

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Free Fire One Punch Wheel Event

The One Punch Wheel is a spin event where players can get rewards such as the Villains 3-in-1 Backpack and One punch Man Gloo Wall. Small prizes such as vouchers and weapon crates are also available in the wheel for players to collect.

Every player gets one free spin for the event, while the next consecutive spins will cost 40 diamonds. 

The event offers bad luck protection, which guarantees players to get one of the grand prizes after ten spins. So, players are sure to get one of the grand prizes for every 400 diamonds spent in the One Punch Wheel. 

The bad luck protection resets if players are lucky enough to get the grand prize in less than ten spins. Players can only obtain the Grand Prizes once. So they don’t need to be worried about receiving a duplicate of the same grand prize. 

Players can still spin in the One Punch Wheel even if they already receive the two grand prizes. The bad luck protection will not activate, and players can farm vouchers and weapon crates for 40 diamonds for each spin.

One Punch Wheel Grand Prizes

Villains 3-in-one Backpack

This backpack features the three villains introduced in the Season 1 of the anime, One Punch Man. These villains are Crablante for level 1, Deep-Sea King for level 2, and Boros for level 3 backpack. 

Free Fire: How to Get One Punch Man Villain Backpack and Gloo WallOne Punch Man 3-in-one Backpack | Credits: Garena

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One Punch Man Gloo Wall

The Gloo Wall has the face of the One-Punch Man protagonist, Saitama, in a red background with scribbles of letters that spell the anime title. The design is simple, but it fits the One-Punch Man theme.

Free Fire: How to Get One Punch Man Villain Backpack and Gloo WallCredits: Garena

The One Punch Wheel event runs from Jan. 19 until Jan 25, 2021. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to acquire these event-exclusive items in Free Fire. 

There are more things to look forward to in the event. Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming content for the Free Fire x One Punch Man collaboration event. 


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