MLBB Pros Give Their First Impression on Pacquito

John Dave Rossel
19/Jan/2021 10:55 am

MLBB hosted a mini-tournament called "Paquito Challenge" featuring the best players from each teams who are participating in the M2 World Championship. Ace from Burmese Ghouls was crowned as the champion of the mini-tournament.
The Pro players who competed in this tournament gave their first impressions on the new hero, Paquito.
Ace stated how powerful Paquito is as they try out the new hero in a live 5v5 match.

In celebration of the release of the new hero, Paquito, in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Moonton hosted a mini-tournament called ‘Paquito Challenge,’ a 1v1 battle where players are only allowed to use the newly released hero. MLBB Pros who are participating in the M2 World Championship competed in this challenge and gave their first impressions of the new hero.

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The MLBB Paquito challenge

14 professional players participated in the mini-tournament. The matches were held in a 1v1 BO1 format, while the semi-finals and finals help in a BO3 format. 

The mini-tournament ended with ACE, a member of Burmese Ghouls, as the mini-tournament champion against KurtTzy from Omega Esports. 

MLBB Pros Give Their First Impression on PacquitoSemo-Finals Bracket | Credits: Moonton

Semi-Finals Match

After the matches, the participants gave their first impression of the new hero. Here are their responses;

MLBB Pros Give Their First Impression on PacquitoCredits: Moonton

“He has high mobility, and he seems like a good hero to use because he has good burst damage,” said Ejhay from Bren Esports.

MLBB Pros Give Their First Impression on PacquitoCredits: Moonton

“The hero is actually really fun. I was quite surprised how fun it was, the combos and the element of surprise. I think even in the game, I lost to KurtTzy. He camped at the bush, and he comboed me. I didn’t expect it. I think, in general, the hero has a lot of potential, even for casual players. I think it will be very satisfying in general,” said Matthew from Evos SG.

MLBB Pros Give Their First Impression on PacquitoCredits: Moonton

“For me, I think he is OP on his side because he doesn’t require mana. In terms of damage wise, he is out there. I feel Paquito is a very fast-paced hero. He requires a lot of mechanics. He won’t be a simple hero for most players. Paquito has this passive where when you hit 4 stacks. You will change to a different stance, and every time you change to “Champ Stance,” all your skills will reset, and you have to take note of the cooldown as well. So, it’s not very easy to just “tap tap tap” and win,” said Fenrir from RSG. 

MLBB Pros Give Their First Impression on PacquitoCredits: Moonton

“He is a little hard to play, and his skills are also a little complicated. I think the hero’s skills are strong and cool. But when the new patch is released, it will likely be auto-banned. For me, I think this hero has good skills. Because when we use the combo, it is fast, and he can stun enemies so opponents cannot fight back,” said Oppi from Impunity KH.

Burmese Ghouls tries Paquito in a 5v5 match

As the Winner of the mini-tournament, ACE and his teammates played a live match where they used Paquito and see what this hero can do in a 5v5 match. 

MLBB Pros Give Their First Impression on PacquitoBurmese Ghouls Live Match Using Paquito | Credits: Moonton

After the match, Ace shared his thoughts about how powerful Paquito is in a 5v5 match if you keep on playing aggressively.

MLBB Pros Give Their First Impression on PacquitoCredits: Moonton

“The main playstyle of this hero is to dive in since all of his skills are very aggressive so you need to be very aggressive when you pilot this hero. If your Paquito is aggressive enough, the enemy will have no time to defend your attack, and he will be slain under pressure. So, if you are to try Paquito, just play aggressively,” said Ace from Burmese Ghouls. 

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Paquito is now available in the game and has been well accepted by MLBB players due to his easy to play but hard to master mechanics. Will this new hero drastically affect the current meta of the game? We’ll find out in time. 


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