Wild Rift Asia League Reduces Prize Pool and Changes Its Name

John Dave Rossel
13/Jan/2021 07:02 am

Wild Rift Competitive will make adjustments in the Wild Rift Asia League as requested by Riot Games.
In order to meet with the community guidelines imposed by Riot Games, the tournament's prize pool will be cut down to $2,000 and change it's name to Wild Rift Asia Brawl.
Wild Rift Competitive will use the rest of the prize pool to host $1,000 tournaments in the coming weeks.

Wild Rift Competitive recently announced the Wild Rift Asia League, offering a prize pool of $7,000 USD. This tournament was supposed to be one of the biggest Wild Rift community tournaments in Southeast Asia (SEA). 

However, the prize pool for the tournament will go down drastically. The organizers have stated that they would have to make adjustments to align with Riot Games’ community guidelines, including reducing the prize pool and changing the tournament’s name.

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Wild Rift Asia League's Adjustments

Co-owner of Wild Rift Competitive, ExC, made a Twitter post explaining the adjustments they are pushing for the tournament. 

"We sincerely weren't aware of some guidelines of Riot which were being enacted. Henceforth, there will be some changes within the structure and the enforcement of this tournament.

First of all, we completely oblige Riot for reaching out to us and educating us about this. In order to fully comply with Riot's Community Tournament Guidelines, we are doing an exciting twist to the structure of the Wild Rift Asia Brawl."

The tournament’s name is changed from  "Wild Rift Asia League" to "Wild Rift Asia Brawl" to comply with Riot Games’ community guidelines. 

According to the community tournament guidelines, no organizer can host a tournament above the prize pool of $2,000 (USD) or $4,000 (USD) in Non-cash Prizes. In regards to this, the tournament prize pool will but cut down to $2,000. Wild Rift Competitive will use the rest of the prize pool to host $1,000 tournaments in the coming weeks.

Here are the adjusted prizes for the Wild Rift Asia Brawl;

  • 1st: $800 (USD)
  • 2nd: $500 (USD)
  • 3rd: $300 (USD)
  • 4th: $200 (USD)
  • 5th and 6th: $100 (USD)
  • 7th: 10,000 Wild Cores
  • 8th: 10,000 Wild Cores

The upcoming weekly tournaments will be allotted $1000 each.

  • 1st: $400 (USD)
  • 2nd: $250 (USD)
  • 3rd: $150 (USD)
  • 4th: $100 (USD)
  • 5th and 6th: $50 (USD)

ExC stated that they understand that some participants will be unhappy with the adjustments. But the changes are necessary to stay in line with Riot Game’s guidelines. 

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Despite these changes, we can still expect to see some action-packed gameplay from the participating teams as they fight to become the Wild Rift Asia Brawl champion.


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