Wild Rift: How to Get Wild Cores?

John Dave Rossel
12/Jan/2021 10:46 am

Wild Cores are in-game currency used to purchase Champions and Skins available in the item shop.
You gain extra Wild Cores depending on how much you top-up up to 1342 bonus Wild Cores.
You can gain skins without purchasing Wild Cores thought filling up your Poro Energy Meter in the Poro Store. You can Fill this up by purchasing cosmetic items using Poro Coins.

Wild Rift currently has a ton of content. The shop has a wide variety of skins and champions that players can browse through. These champions and skins can be bought using an in-game currency called Wild Cores. Here is what you need to know about Wild Cores and how to use them. 

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What are Wild Cores in Wild Rift

Wild Cores are in-game currencies used to buy items in the shop. Right now the options you have in the shop are champions and skins. Champion bundles are also available, offering players a chance to own a champion with their skins at a discounted price. 

Wild Rift: How to Get Wild Cores?Lulu Release Bundle

League of Legends PC player might recognize these currencies as the Wild Rift equivalent of Riot Points (RP). Sooner or later, there might be top-up promotions that allow players to gain more Wild Cores than what they usually would get regularly. 

How to Top-up Wild Cores

To purchase Wild Cores, you only need to tap on the “+” button at the top of the screen. The store will open with a few options on how many Wild Cores you want to purchase. 

Wild Rift: How to Get Wild Cores?Top-up Option is at the Top of the Menu

You gain extra Wild Cores depending on how much you are spending, the more wild cores you purchase the bigger the bonus. 

Wild Rift: How to Get Wild Cores?Top-up Options

Here is a list of all the top-up options and how much Bonus they give;

  • 375 Wild Cores (No Bonus)
  • 650 Wild Cores (+25 Bonus)
  • 1350 Wild Cores (+308 Bonus)
  • 2100 Wild Cores (+ 275 Bonus)
  • 3600 Wild Cores (+ 608 Bonus)
  • 7500 Wild Cores (+ 1342 Bonus)

After selecting how much you want to purchase simply follow the instructions that pop up on your screen.

If this is your first time purchasing then you might need to set up payment options. Here are the links on how to set up payments for both Android and Apple devices. 

If you run into any other issues while trying to make a payment, you can visit the official Google Play or App Store support website.

Free Skins Without Purchasing Wild Cores

So, you want to obtain skins but you don’t have any Wild Cores? Lucky you, there is a way to get free skins aside from in-game events, the Poro Store! 

Wild Rift: How to Get Wild Cores?Poro Store Preview

The Poro store is where you can purchase in-game cosmetic options like champion poses, emotes, baubles, and more. The currency used here is Poro Coin which you can obtain by participating in events or doing daily and weekly missions. 

Where are the free skins, you ask? You can acquire a random skin after filling up the Poro Energy Meter. The best way to fill this up fast is by purchasing Poro Chests which can contain various cosmetic items and energy charges that will be added to your energy meter. 

Wild Rift: How to Get Wild Cores?Poro Energy Meter

This takes time to fill up but the grind is worth it as you can get a random skin of up to epic tier. Poro Coins are very abundant in the game so you can probably fill up your energy meter in no time.

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Wild Cores are just a small portion of what makes the game fun and exciting. The Rift Rewards event is currently on its final week and will end on Jan. 18 while the Yordle expedition is in its first week. Don’t miss out on these events to get random skins and champion chests. 


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