Wild Rift: These Are The Heroes That Will Be Nerfed in the Upcoming Patch

John Dave Rossel
12/Jan/2021 08:33 am

A Riot Games dev posted on twitter announcing that they will be nerfing Evelynn, Gragas, Leesin, and Guardian Angel in the next patch update.
The dev hinted that they will nerf Evelynn's lane pressure in the game.
Guardian Angel item will get a nerf after players have been complaining about the item's overwhelming benefits in the game at a cheap price.

Riot Games aims to balance the gameplay of Wild Rift and make players comfortable with the champions they are using. Since Wild Rift is still in its beta phase, there are still a lot of adjustments needed to be made. In response to recent complaints from Wild Rift players, devs will nerf certain champions in the upcoming patch for the game. 

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Upcoming Champion and Item Nerfs

According to a Twitter post made by the Lead Balance/ Mobile Controls Designer for Wild RIft, Alexander Huwang, they will nerf Evelynn, Gragas, Lee Sin, and the item Guardian Angel in the next patch update in the game. 

The dev stated that they are working on improving their delivery schedules for updates and balance changes but due to how complex these problems are, it is going to take them a while to come up with solutions for these issues. 


Based on the post, the devs specified that Evelynn will receive a nerf on how she works in lanes. This is due to her overwhelming lane pressure where her spikes have way too much mobility and range that even poke mages like Lux and Ahri can’t contest.  


Gragas has been sitting alongside Malphite as a champion that can be played in any role. But his overwhelming damage and CC seems to be a bit too much that players think he needs a nerf.

Lee Sin:

Lee Sin is definitely one of the more complex champions but once you get the hang of it, you’ll start to notice why everyone wants to play him in the jungle. He has way too much mobility and can chase down enemies with ease. 

Guardian Angel:

The most hated item, Guardian Angel will soon get the nerf that everyone is requesting since last year. This item is widely known for giving a decent amount of stats and a good passive at a cheap cost forcing almost all AD-type champions to build this item as soon as they possibly can. This allows them to revive after dying giving them a second chance to escape sticky situations. 

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Riot Games hasn’t posted a release date for the next patch update for Wild Rift. Needless to say, this might be the balance update that players have been waiting for. 


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