Wild Rift: Spectator and Replay Feature is Coming Out Really Soon

John Dave Rossel
11/Jan/2021 06:58 am

One of the Riot Employees, Riot_Soundwave, confirmed that Replay Feature and Spectator mode is on the works and will be available in a patch or two.
Role Selection system is also expected to be available before ranked season 2 starts, according to Riot_Soundwave.
League of Legends PC did not have the replay feature, not until 5 years after its release.

Riot Games is steadily preparing their new mobile game, Wild Rift, for an esports scene. With this in mind, they have been working on certain features that will be important in hosting tournaments. These features include the ability to spectate and replay certain matches. 

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Spectator And Replay Feature Coming to Wild Rift Soon

A Reddit post on r/wildrift was made to inform the devs on what in-game features the community wants for Wild Rift. The suggestion thread contains a list of things that the community frequently posts regarding features that they want to be added to the game. 

One of the suggestions stated in the post was for the Spectator and Replay feature to be added to the game. This is important for people who want to spectate other players or review their own replays to help them improve in the game. 

One of the Riot Game devs, Riot_Soundwave, responded to this thread saying that the Spectator and Replay feature is coming in a patch or two. The news quickly spread to the gaming communities and hyped up the fans who wish to spectate their favorite streamers or download their replays to make Wild Rift related contents on YouTube. 

Considering that Riot Games is already planning on hosting esports tournaments across Southeast Asia, the Spectator and Replay feature would soon be added to the game. These features would be crucial in hosting live tournaments, especially events as big as what Riot Games has in mind.

Regarding Role Selection Feature

Riot_Soundwave also made an update regarding one of the most requested features in the game, the Role Selection. In a Reddit post complaining about the absence of the feature, the Rioter stated that they are planning on implementing the Role Selection feature before ranked season 2 starts. 

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It really is surprising to see Riot Games implement the replay and spectating feature in Wild Rift so quickly. The PC version of the game infamously did not get a replay feature, at least until 5 years after its release.

So it shows that Riot Games has learnt from its missteps and is focusing on making Wild Rift a much more polished game, quicker.


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