Free Fire: How to Obtain Flame Chaser Set for Free

John Dave Rossel
8/Jan/2021 12:49 pm

Garena Free Fire released "Discover the Map Event," where players collect sakura petals to earn exciting rewards.
Players are tasked to exchange petals for items that can help reveal a portion of the new Bermuda map. Players can obtain the Flame Chaser set or various gun skins if after the map is fully revealed.
Players can obtain sakura petals by completing daily missions in the event. A total of seven sakura petals can be obtained everyday.

Before the big collaboration event starts in Free Fire, Garena has given a small event for players to keep them busy while waiting for the One Punch Man collaboration event. The event tasks players into completing the event missions to obtain a free character skin. 

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Free Fire Discover the Map Event

This event will be available from Jan. 8 until Jan. 14, 2021. Players are tasked to complete event missions and collect sakura petals to exchange for in-game items including the Flame Chaser character skin set. 

Players will use the sakura petals to activate tasks and reveal the foggy map in the background. Players can use gold coins to buy a campfire, map, compass, and a gun to reveal a portion of the map. The fog will completely fade after completing elimination tasks nine times. 

Free Fire: How to Obtain Flame Chaser Set for FreeDiscover the Map Event Interface | Credits: Garena

Players will receive random rewards for each elimination task they complete. Players will get a random grand prize when the map’s unlock progress reaches 60%, 80%, and 100%. The rewards include weapon skins crates, pet foods, vouchers, and the Flame Sakura Chaser set. 

How to Obtain Sakura Petals

You can obtain sakura petals by completing daily missions. You can get up to seven  Sakura petals every day just by completing the missions. 

If you use gold coins along with the seven sakura petals you received, you can do 10 eliminations tasks in a day allowing you to obtain prizes every single day in the duration of the event. 

Free Fire: How to Obtain Flame Chaser Set for FreeSakura Petals Daily Missions | Credits: Garena

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This is the final event of The New Beginning update for Free Fire. Don’t miss this opportunity to earn free guns and character skins along with other exciting freebies just by completing missions. 

This event is a good opportunity to get busy while waiting for the Free Fire x One Punch man collaboration event this coming Jan. 10, 2021. Stay tuned for more updates regarding Free Fire events and upcoming new content. 


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