MLBB: What We Know About the M2 Tournament Battlepass

John Dave Rossel
8/Jan/2021 07:49 am

Moonton announced details regarding their upcoming M2 Tournament Pass, featuring the Tournament Pass exclusive skin, Shadow Omen Clint.
Players can earn M2 coins by completing tasks and exchange them for items in the exchange shop.
Premium Tournament Pass owners will earn double M2 coins and can exchange them for premium exclusive items in the shop.

The most awaited M2 World Championships will commence on Jan. 18, 2021. With this, Moonton has announced a battle pass to accompany one of the biggest tournaments for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), in 2021. The M2 Tournament Pass features an exclusive skin for Clint, the Shadow Omen skin. This skin will be exclusive to the M2 Tournament Pass.

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MLBB M2 Tournament Pass Details

The M2 Tournament Pass functions similarly to other battle passes. Complete certain tasks to earn M2 Coins which you can use to exchange various items in the exchange shop. 

To celebrate the M2 World Championship Tournament, every player who logs in during Jan. 23 will receive an M2 Spawn Effect for free. On Jan. 30, players will also receive a new achievement called “Battle Night.”

The M2 Tournament Pass has two variations, the Regular and the Premium version. The regular tournament pass is available for everyone. You can earn coins to exchange for items available in the exchange shop except for items that are exclusive for those who purchase the premium tournament pass.

Players can purchase the premium version to double the coins they acquire for completing missions. Premium players can also purchase exclusive items that are not available for regular tournament pass players. Those who purchase the premium tournament pass will receive an exclusive M2 Skin, Shadow Omen Clint. 

M2 Tournament Pass Rewards

Players can exchange their hard-earned coins for items in the M2 Exchange Shop. This includes fragments, M2 Sacred Statue, skin trial cards, and profile borders.

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M2 Premium Tournament Pass Exclusive Skin

This skin is given to players who purchase the premium tournament pass. The skin features all-new display animations and skill effects. The Shadow Omen Clint skin sports a purple and white color combination which has a ghastly special effect. His rifle has a demonic purple design on it and his pistol has a shiny gold design. 

Here is a preview of the M2 Exclusive skin, Shadow Omen Clint;

This is just the beginning of Moonton’s surprises for MLBB players. On their new year’s eve livestream Moonton hinted that they will have a collaboration event coming soon. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates.


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