Katarina Confirmed for League of Legends: Wild Rift

John Dave Rossel
7/Jan/2021 07:17 am

Riot Games posted a trailer for their upcoming livestream event revealing a short clip of the Champion Katarina in Wild Rift
The trailer also revealed more skins for Wild Rift including Headhunter Akali and Star Guardian skins.
The live stream will broadcast on Jan 8, 2021 and will reveal Riot Games' plans for all of their current and upcoming games this year.

After the reveal of the five new upcoming champions Teemo, Tristana, Lulu, Kennen, and Corki, Riot Games posted a teaser of their upcoming livestream. In this teaser, we can see Katarina being played in the mobile game confirming that she will be making her way into the mobile game, in the near future.

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Katarina Confirmed for Wild Rift

The official social media pages of League of Legends posted a trailer for their upcoming livestream. In the upcoming livestream, Riot Games will discuss and reveal their plans for 2021 covering all of their current and upcoming games. 

The trailer showed a glimpse of a new champion coming to the mobile game. A very short clip of the champion Katarina being played in Wild Rift can be seen in the trailer. Considering the fact that Katarina is one of the fan-favorites in League of Legends PC, fans were understandably hyped about this confirmation. 

Katarina Confirmed for League of Legends: Wild RiftKatarina Gameplay Shown in the Trailer | Credits: Riot Games

The trailer also teased the star guardian skins coming to the mobile game and possibly an additional skin for Akali: the Headhunter Akali.

Katarina Confirmed for League of Legends: Wild RiftHead Hunter Akali Skin Reveal | Credits: Riot Games

The trailer also revealed teasers for upcoming content in Team Fight Tactics and League of Legends PC. A short clip hinting at a new cinematic or game trailer featuring the support-tank Taric was also briefly revealed in the trailer. 

Riot Games previously revealed five new champions coming into the mobile game. They also hinted at an upcoming event featuring the new champions along with new skins and additional features to the game. 

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Riot Games is just getting started with their big plans. We’ll hear more from them in this upcoming Season 2021 Livestream. The live stream will be broadcasted live on Jan. 8, 2021, on their official YouTube Channel at 7 AM (PST).

It will be interesting to see Riot Games’ plans for Wild Rift and its esports circuit.


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