Wild Rift: Top 5 Champions To Play for Solo Queue

John Dave Rossel
6/Jan/2021 01:16 pm

There are a lot of champions to choose from in Wild Rift with different perks.
There are champions that requires less team coordination and more on how you can carry the game alone.
In this article, we present champions that can help you win in solo queue to climb higher in the ranked ladder.

The Ranked Season 0 for Wild Rift is almost coming to a close. A lot of players have been trying to climb as fast as they can to before the season ends. Most players play with their friends but some individuals enjoy the game alone.

Playing solo is frustrating at times, but the champions listed below can easily increase your win rate. If you’re tired of losing games and dropping your ranks, then these solo champions will give you the ability to rise through the ranks.

Baron Lane: Wukong

Wild Rift: Top 5 Champions To Play for Solo QueueCredits: Riot Games

One of the latest champions added in the game is Wukong. He has a lot of things to offer on the table. Wukong is a fighter champion who plays tricks on his enemies. He is a very flexible champion capable of filling other lanes like Mid or Jungle, Baron lane is still the best for him. 


He can go invisible and leave a clone behind him, confusing the enemy. His ultimate skill can knock up champions and can be used twice before going on cooldown. This is good against enemies who rely on auto-targeting, forcing them to hit your clones instead. He works well with Yasuo who needs enemies to be knocked up so he can use his ultimate skill. 


He is weak against champions that can poke him hard at a distance, if you are laning against marksmen like Vayne or Varus, you have to fight aggressively or else you’ll get bullied in your lane and won’t be able to farm minions. If you’re too behind in terms of level and items, your Ultimate is the only thing that’s useful in a team fight. 

Despite this weakness against poke-reliant champions, he is still one of the strongest champions due to his clones allowing him to survive enemy ganks and targeted skills. 

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Mid Lane: Evelynn

Wild Rift: Top 5 Champions To Play for Solo QueueCredits: Riot Games

If you played League of Legends PC, you know that Evelynn is meant for the jungle role but in Wild Rift, that’s not the case. Ever since her buff in the previous patch, giving her an extra range on her first skill, her wave clear and poke potential have grown tremendously. 


Her passive is quite good once she reaches level 5. She can just clear the mid lane wave then go invisible and gank other lanes. Her overwhelming map pressure can be beneficial for her allies, forcing the enemy team to play safe especially if she suddenly goes missing in mid lane. She can be effective in engaging in team fights, thanks to her passive, and can easily escape or avoid ganks using her ultimate skill. 


Her weakness is good team coordination, as long as the opposite team keeps an eye out for her and bring a sweeping lens to reveal her while she is on stealth, she can’t do much. If she can’t snowball early in the match, she falls hard, and is almost impossible to recover and make a comeback. 

Jungle Lane: Lee Sin

Wild Rift: Top 5 Champions To Play for Solo QueueCredits: Riot Games

Lee Sin has always been one of the best jungle champions in the game, even in the League of Legends PC. He has a lot of mobility and can easily chase down enemies. Don’t forget to bring your smite. That is an important summoner spell for Junglers.


His jungle wave clear is quite decent compared to other Junglers. He can even sustain himself allowing him to keep farming in the jungle without having to recall back to base due to low HP. 

He can dash onto enemies at any distance as long as they got hit with his Sonic Wave skill. With practice, Lee Sin’s ganks are swift and precise giving no time for enemy champions to react once they get hit with his Sonic Wave. He can even push enemies away from their safe zone using his ultimate, Dragon’s Rage. 


Lee Sin has a high skill ceiling which means you will need a lot of practice for him to be effective. He excels in snowballing early in the match instead of speed farming the jungle. If Lee Sin falls behind, he won’t be able to be tanky enough to engage in a team fight.

Dragon Lane: Jhin & Seraphine

The Dragon Lane is most of the time, dedicated for marksman and support champions. The duo will work together to dominate their lane and trade blows with the opposing team. This is a problem in solo queue since you won't be able to communicate effectively with your partner.

ADC/Marksman: Jhin

Wild Rift: Top 5 Champions To Play for Solo QueueCredits: Riot Games

Jhin is a very unique marksman.  He can only attack four times and needs to reload before he can attack again. He does not gain attack speed, instead, his bonus attack speed is converted into physical damage. 


Jhin has a decent scaling throughout the game. He doesn’t fall off during the late game which makes him a safe pick for people who wants an extended match. His overwhelmingly powerful basic attacks make him a good marksman in the hand of patient players who knows when to engage. 

He can deliver a lot of CCs to the enemies and can snipe them from a far distance with his ultimate. He can deliver a lot of pressure on his lane, which makes him a real threat in the current meta along with the item Guardian Angel. 


Another champion with whom you need to put in hours of practice to maximize your impact. You can only use his basic attack 4 times before reloading, so you have to make sure every shot is worth it. 

He lacks mobility and can easily be chased down if he is roaming alone. He does have a movement speed buff from his passive but it’s not enough to save him in the late game. 

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Support: Seraphine

Wild Rift: Top 5 Champions To Play for Solo QueueCredits: Riot Games

If we’re talking about the solo queue, Seraphine is one of the best supports you can pick. She is one of the easiest champions to play and provides a lot of utility to your allies. 

Blitzcrank is also good but would require you to coordinate with your team. Your successful hooks will be useless if your team won’t followup and engage. This makes Seraphine a better option for Solo queue, she is good alone and can be better with teammates. 


She possesses very aggressive CCs. She can stun, slow, and charm enemies with her skills. No one escapes in the hands of Seraphine. 

Her long-ranged easy to use abilities do well in poking enemies to break their positioning. She can also Heal and shield allies. 

If your team can secure a mountain drake, do so. This will permanently add a healing effect on his second skill, as long as the mountain drake buff is active, allowing you to help sustain your allies in a team fight. 


Very vulnerable once enemies get too close to her. Seraphine needs proper positioning since most of her skills are skill shots. Her healing is a bit too underwhelming compared to other healers in the game. 

Wild Rift Champion Honorable Mention

This champion is worth mentioning due to how flexible he is in the game. This is perfect for players who want to play the safest champion that can fill almost every role. 


Wild Rift: Top 5 Champions To Play for Solo QueueCredits: Riot Games

Malphite can fill in almost any role in Wild Rift. He also has good engage skill with his ultimate and can be played as a tank, mage, or fighter. A very flexible champion in the mobile game and even in the League of Legends PC. He might not be the best champion, but he can fill a lot of roles in the game.


Currently has one of the strongest engage abilities in the game. Wide AoE and almost instant knock up from his ultimate which works well with Yasuo. One ultimate from AP Malphite can be devastating to enemy teams.

Passively gains extra armor from his second skill. This makes Malphite one of the tankiest champions even without wearing any armor. 

The best part is, he is easy to use. The only skill shot he has is his ultimate skill and the rest can be cast with auto-targeting. 


Fairly weak against mage champions or champions who can build AP items. He’s not that threatening without his ultimate so enemies can just gang up on him and he can’t do anything other than run.


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