PUBG Mobile: How to get Icicle Mini14 Gun Skin

John Dave Rossel
6/Jan/2021 11:11 am

PUBG Mobile released a new Lucky Spin event featuring Icicle Mini14 gun skin.
2 Winter-themed legendary character skins are also available in the event namely, Snowflake Dancer and Captivating Reindeer set.
You can also gain more rewards by achieving milestones through playing on the lucky spin event.

PUBG Mobile isn’t done with their winter events. Recently, they released a new lucky spin event, featuring the Icicle Mini14 gun skin. Here is how you can get your hands on this cute penguin-themed gun skin. 

How to Get Icicle Mini14 Gun Skin

PUBG Mobile is still celebrating its winter season and has released the lucky spin event. By participating in this event, players have a chance to obtain the cute-looking Icicle Mini14 skin. The lucky spin event is available from Jan. 3 until Jan. 23, 2021. 

The cost per spin is 60 Unknown Coins (UC). Every day you get a spin discount on your first spin of the day for 10 UC. You can also opt for a 10x spin for 540 UC, giving you a bit of a discount. 

PUBG Mobile: How to get Icicle Mini14 Gun SkinPUBG Mobile Lucky Spin Event

For each spin you make, you will get a lucky point. Once your lucky point reaches 200, you are guaranteed to receive the grand prize Icicle Mini14 Gun skin on your next spin. 

Here is the complete list of prizes you can get in the lucky spin event;

Legendary Items 

  • Snowflake Dancer Set
  • Captivating Reindeer Set
  • Reindeer Ornament
  • Materials

Epic Items 

  • Icicle Mini14 (Lv. 1)

Rare Items

  • Christmas Tree Cap
  • Red-Painted Grenade
  • Classic Crate Coupon Scrap
  • Silver Coins (x2/x4/x8)
  • Paint

Milestone Rewards

You can get these rewards by playing the spin event a certain number of times. Here are the rewards you can obtain after reaching a milestone;

  • 15x spins : 1.000 BP + 5 Classic Crate Coupon Scrap (x5)
  • 50x spins : Paint (x5)
  • 120x spins : Snowflake Dancer Hat
  • 200x spins : Paint (x5) + Material
  • 300x spin : Paint (x10) + Material

Legendary Skins

On top of the cute looking gun skin from the lucky spin event, you can also obtain these sexy characters skins from the spin event. 

PUBG Mobile: How to get Icicle Mini14 Gun SkinSnowflake Dancer and Captivating Reindeer Character Skins

The Snowflake Dancer set features a winter-themed dress along with a fancy white cloak and hat. The other one is the Captivating Reindeer set with a black sexy Christmas theme along with a hoodie with reindeer horns. 


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