Free Fire x One Punch Man Backpacks Leaked?

John Dave Rossel
6/Jan/2021 08:40 am

Free Fire x One Punch Man-themed backpacks leaked by dataminers.
The backpacks features the faces of villains from the Season 1 of the anime namely, Crablante, Deep-Sea King, and Boros..
A cosmetic Boxing/Fist skin that makes your character's fists burst in flames was also revealed

Data miners have unveiled more leaks about what awaits on the Free Fire x One Punch Man collaboration event. Following the leak of emotes, gloo wall, and skin bundles; One Punch Man-themed backpacks featuring faces of iconic villains from the anime franchise and a new boxing skin have been unveiled by the data leakers. 

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Free Fire x One Punch Man Backpacks


Crablante is the very first villain that the main protagonist, Saitama, fought in the anime. He is a giant humanoid crab with sharp claws that can cut any metal. Crablante is the villain that sparked Saitama’s passion for becoming a superhero. 

The villain’s face is plastered on the backpack with its eyes popping out. The backpack looks like it’s a hard shell that can protect you but it’s purely cosmetic. 

Deep-Sea King

The next backpack skin forms the shapes of the Deep Sea King. This villain managed to kill and injure a lot of superheroes. But of course, our protagonist just punches him once and he’s a goner. 

This backpack has the villain’s sinister-looking grin which will surely creep your enemies out. 


Boros is the last villain featured in the Season 1 of the anime. He was built up as the only one who could actually give Saitama a challenge. But even he was defeated with just a single punch from the protagonist.

This is the coolest out of all 3 backpacks. Boros’ gold plated armor makes it more intimidating along with the villain’s serious-looking eye. 

One Punch Man Boxing/Fist Skin

In addition to these leaks, there is also another skin featured in the collaboration. The Fist or Boxing Skin makes your fist burst into flames. This is a cool-looking skin especially if you play as the anime’s main protagonist, Saitama, himself. 

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These are just a few of the contents that will be featured in the collaboration event. There are tons of new content to be added to the game once this collaboration event goes live. 

The collaboration event was officially announced last year. Garena has yet to announce the release date for the event. Stay tuned for more updates regarding the One Punch Man collaboration event.


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