CODM Thailand Instagram Page Teases Zombies?

John Dave Rossel
5/Jan/2021 09:39 am

CODM Thailand teases an upcoming content featuring Zombies.
Fans speculated that this is either the return ofthe CODM Zombies Mode or another zombie-themed loot crate.
The teaser is most likely for the comeback of the Wicht Warden Crates in CODM.

CODM has come a long way. A lot of new content has been added to the game for players to enjoy. Recently, the official Thailand Instagram account of the game posted an image of a graveyard with a sinister-looking hand popping up from the ground.

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CODM Thailand Teases Upcoming Content

The official Instagram of CODM Thailand posted a mysterious image of a graveyard and a zombie hand popping up from the ground with a caption “‘IT’ is coming back! Who or What?”. Fans found this intriguing and have since spread across the gaming community.

Fans speculated that this is the comeback of the Zombies Game Mode for the game. Players have been asking Activision to bring back this game mode but to no avail. 

Other fans have also said that this might be just another zombie-themed loot crate to be released shortly. 

Despite the demand from players who want Activision to bring back Zombies Mode, this is not likely to happen anytime soon. Activision took down the game mode due to it not meeting their expectations. The devs did state that they want to improve the said game mode before putting it back in the game. 

Activision is currently focusing on introducing new and innovative game modes for players to enjoy. The chances of Zombies Mode coming back are slim to none.

The Wicht Warden Loot Crate

Based on the image, the arm shown is similar to one of the zombie characters in the game. This character can be found in the Wicht Warden crate where certain undead-themed contents are found. 

CODM Thailand Teases Zombies?Wicht Warden Character in CODM | Credits: Activision

Suppose we base the post according to the previous contents of the game this is likely a teaser for the return of the Wicht Warden loot crate. No further announcement has been made by Activision regarding the news, so keep your eyes peeled for upcoming updates. 

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What is the Zombies Mode

This game mode was widely popular among players. Activision decided to remove it from the game due to it not meeting their expectations for the game mode. 

The game mode is a wave-based match. Four players team up and face a wave of AI-controlled zombies. The longer they survive, the more zombies spawn each wave. 


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