MLBB: Paquito is Likely to be Released in Patch 1.5.46

John Dave Rossel
4/Jan/2021 11:28 am

Paquito is likely coming to Wild Rift shortly.
The upcoming patch will bring additional contents for the Magic Chess game mode of MLBB.
A small additional feature is also added for stealth mechanics.

Everyone’s most awaited hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) is likely making his way into the game shortly. The new hero, Paquito is likely released in the upcoming patch 1.5.46 along with other additional content for the game. 

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MLBB Patch 1.5.46 Preview

The upcoming patch offers a few additional contents for players. This includes changes for the Magic Chess and a few tweaks on how stealth works in the game.

New Hero Paquito Confirmed

The announcement was posted on the official Facebook page of MLBB. The post states that the very first hero for 2021 is coming soon with the caption “Everyone Can Be a Legend.” This new hero was based on the famous Filipino boxer, Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao. 

The hero even has her own Tagalog dub which is the first for MLBB. This sparked the interest of Filipino fans and further hyped up the announcement. 

Paquito is a melee champion who can parry attacks and use the damage he soaked up to deal tons of damage. 

MLBB: Paquito is Officially Confirmed to be Released on Patch 1.5.26Paquito Skill Descriptions | Credits: Moonton

Moonton hinted that we’ll be hearing more about this new hero soon enough so stay tuned for more updates. 

Magic Chess 1st Anniversary Season

The upcoming update brings a few new contents for the Magic Chess game mode. The update adds two new roles, the Gunner and the Swordsmen. 

MLBB: Paquito is Officially Confirmed to be Released on Patch 1.5.26Credits: Moonton

A total of six new factions are also added into the game mode to add more diversity into the gameplay. The new factions are Mech Era, Lightborn, Los Pecados, Astro Power, V.E.N.O.M., and Wyrmslayer Warriors. Fifteen new heroes will also be added along with 6 heroes who will be getting revamped in the Magic Chess game mode. 

MLBB: Paquito is Officially Confirmed to be Released on Patch 1.5.26Credits: Moonton

A new feature for the game mode will also be added. Each hero has a chance to gain a “Blessing” effect when they get upgraded. This effect will give them certain buffs to help them in the fight. 

  • Team Spirit: Lower Faction Synergy’s trigger minimum by 1.
  • Hero’s Behest: Lower Role Synergy’s trigger minimum by 1.

The heroes will also be summoned in the match wearing skins. Players will surely enjoy different skill effects and stunning visuals from these skins. 

Battlefield Performance

It is now easier to confirm if you’re invisible on the map with this new tweak made by Moonton. If players turn invisible on the map, an eye-shaped icon will appear above them indicating that they are currently invisible from the enemy team. It’s a small addition to the game but a very useful one. 

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MLBB: Paquito is Officially Confirmed to be Released on Patch 1.5.26Indicator for Being Invisible | Credits: Moonton

Moonton hasn’t announced the release date for the upcoming patch update. Stay tuned for more information regarding the upcoming content for MLBB and the upcoming heroes.


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