Free Fire: Megalodon Alpha Scar Now Available in the Faded Wheel Event

John Dave Rossel
5/Jan/2021 04:49 am

Garena Free Fire releases Faded Wheel Event.
The event features the new Evo Gun Megalodon Alpha Scar.
The event offers a free spin for everyone who wants to try their luck.

Garena is known for their crazy yet badass looking ideas for their game Free Fire. They have shown their creative ideas with their Time Travellers character skins and guns. Now, They released another weapon skin that might catch every player’s attention, the Megalodon Alpha Scar. 

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New Evo Gun in Free Fire

The Megalodon Alpha Scar is currently the third Evo Gun to be released in the game. This gun can be upgraded using shark tooth tokens and unlock certain effects.

The new Evo Gun has been added to the Faded Wheel as the Grand Prize. The Faded Wheel event went live on Jan. 3 and will go on until Jan. 31, 2021. The Faded Wheel features a ton of good loots that players can obtain along with the new Evo Gun. 

Faded Wheel Event Details

The event features 10 prizes. To start playing the event, players will have to select 2 out of the 10 prizes to be excluded in the random draw. This means that out of the 10 rewards, you can only get 8 of them including the Megalodon Alpha Scar. 

The prizes don’t repeat, so you can get the new Evo Gun in eight spins or less. The cost per spin increases with each try. The prices go up from 19 Diamonds for the first 3 spins then 39, 69, 99, 199, and finally, 499 Diamonds for the eighth spin. 

Free Fire: Megalodon Alpha Scar Now Available in the Faded Wheel EventFree Fire Faded Wheel Event

The prizes you can obtain in the Faded Wheel event are as follows; 

  • Megalodon Alpha Scar-L
  • Weapon Royale Voucher
  • Shark Tooth (SCAR)
  • Shark Attack Backpack
  • Resupply Map Playcard
  • Shark Attack Surfboard
  • Cube Fragment
  • Megalodon Alpha Token Box
  • Shark Attack
  • Pet Food

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There is a special promotion right now where every player gets one free spin in the Faded Wheel event and the second spin costs only 9 Diamonds. This is a great opportunity to try your luck in the event. 


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