Wild Rift: MVP Task Returns For Week 5 of Rift Rewards

John Dave Rossel
4/Jan/2021 08:24 am

Wild Rift is currently on it's 5th week in their Rift Rewards event.
This week has one of the most challenging missions.
Playing Co-op vs AI is a good way to finish the event fast.

Wild Rift’s ongoing event, the Rift Rewards, is on its fifth week. Everyone is currently doing their best to finish the mission and claim their free skins and champion chests. However, one mission stands in their way of reaping the rewards. The MVP mission is back, and it’s harder than before. 

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Rift Rewards Week 5 in Wild Rift

Rift Rewards is an event in Wild Rift that rewards players with free skins and champion chests by completing missions every week. The event is currently on its 5th week with a reward of one random skin chest and one champion selection chest. The catch is, this week has one of the most challenging missions to accomplish: the MVP mission. 

There are three missions for week 5 of the Rift Rewards event. These are the missions;

  • High Value: Get 10 MVPs or SVPs.
  • Baron Slayer: Kill 10 Barons with your team.
  • Whack-A-Minion: 9,001 minions with your team.
MVP Task Returns For Week 5 of Rift RewardsRift Rewards Week 5 Missions

In the past, Wild Rift players have complained about how hard the MVP mission is, considering there can only be one MVP and one SVP in a single match. There is a way to achieve MVP at a faster rate, but you’d have to team up with friends or people you trust.

How to get MVP or SVP in Wild Rift, the easy way

There is a way to get MVP or SVP in a match easily. You can play Co-op vs AI with your friends and trade MVPs with each other by intentionally letting one player get the MVP each game. You can play solo, but it will be much more challenging since you’ll probably be playing with people who also aim to get the MVP title. 

Currently, the easiest way to get MVP in a match is playing Co-op vs AI. This is due to how predictable enemy bots can be, so you can easily kill them—playing as a marksman works well here, so you don’t have to worry much about not dealing enough damage because you are out of mana and can’t cast any spells. 

Playing normal or ranked games can be good too. This means that even if you lose, you still have the chance to earn the SVP title. But you’ll be up against people who will also aim to get the MVP and SVP, so it’s more troublesome than playing Co-op vs AI. 

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Week 5 of the Rift Rewards is the final set of missions before the event ends. The event runs until Jan. 18, 2021, so be sure to finish all your missions before the set date to claim all rewards. 


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