MLBB Streamer Akosi Dogie Talks About Mika Daime's Apology Video

John Dave Rossel
4/Jan/2021 07:08 am

Streamer Akosi Dogie shared his opinions about Mika Daime's issue.
The MLBB streamer expressed his opinions about the toxicity on mobile gaming communities compared to PC gaming communities.
Akosi Dogie said that Mika Daime's apology stream doesn't sound right.

Filipino streamer Mika Daime recently ran into a spot of bother after she trash-talked a fellow streamer in one of her livestreams. This issue spread like wildfire across the Filipino gaming community, who called out the female streamer for her toxic behavior. Akosi Dogie, a popular MLBB streamer in the Philippines, shares his thoughts about this issue. 

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Akosi Dogie Compares PC Gaming and Mobile Gaming Communities

The MLBB streamer states that mobile gamers are open to budget or cheap phones. As long as it works, it’s not a problem for them. Meanwhile, PC gamers tend to find humor in insulting people who use budget-friendly gaming rigs. 

“In the mobile gaming community, most people understand that not everyone can afford expensive brands,” stated Akosi Dogie. 

The streamer further explained that trash-talking in MLBB is more focused on the player’s skill instead of how expensive their phones are. He is surprised as to why people discriminate against other people just because they have a much more expensive PC setup. 

Akosi Dogie Compares his Past Issue With Mika Daime’s Current Issue

Akosi Dogie talks about his past issue where he recorded and posted leaked footage of the anime movie “One Piece Stampede.” Movie cinemas have strict regulations forbidding people from recording the movie inside the cinema. 

He allegedly received similar treatment from people who hated his actions. People sent him death threats, and hate comments to his streams. He stated that people shouldn’t wish death to someone no matter how big the issue is. The impact of those words can be so devastating for someone who is already contemplating on their mistakes. 

The Mika Daime Apology Stream

Akosi Dogie also shared his opinion about Mika Daime’s apology stream and her comments on FanTech. He stated that Mika should have just recorded the video and reviewed it than streaming it live. That way she can edit out or redo her statements that don’t sound right. 

“She could have just apologized and that’s it, but she had to add “if they got butthurt bout it”,” Akosi Dogie stated. He added that this isn’t right, there’s still a hint of her ego in the statement which is not good for an apology video. 

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Earlier this week, Mika Daime was dragged into controversy for her unpleasant statements regarding a streamer. She made an apology live stream admitting her mistakes and shared her side of the story. This didn’t go well with the gaming community which caused more ruckus instead of calming down the community. 


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