Free Fire:Explaining The Samurai's Garden on Bermuda 2.0

John Dave Rossel
3/Jan/2021 10:52 am

The new Bermuda 2.0 map unveils a lot interesting new lores in the game.
The Samurai's Garden is rich in lore and amazing scenery.
There is a 3 story temple in the Samurai's Garden that grants mysterious blessings.

The New Begining update in Garena Free Fire brought a ton of changes to the game. One of these changes is the Bermuda 2.0 battle royale map. The new map features many mesmerizing sceneries and rich backstories of the locations found within the map. One of the most amazing places to visit is the Samurai’s Garden. 

There are four new locations found in the revamped Bermuda map, Academy, Hydropower, Fisherman Creek, and Samurai’s Garden. Among all of these locations, one stands out as the most beautiful place to visit.

Samurai’s Garden is a small island filled with traditional Japanese buildings surrounded by big sakura trees. If you think this place is already amazing, you’d be amazed about how rich this location’s lore is. 

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The Shimada Family owns the Island.

The name of the place really makes it evident that a samurai owns it. The area has been under the protection of the Shimada Bloodline and has been that way for generations. The Shimada family is under a curse that gives them tremendous strength at the cost of their sanity. 

Free Fire:Explaining The Samurai's Guarden on Bermuda 2.0Credits: Garena

After they struck a deal with the devil, the curse was placed on the family to grant them their powers. This caused the family to separate themselves across the world, ultimately abandoning the village for good. 

One of the characters in Free Fire is actually a member of the Shimada Bloodline. His name is Hayato, and his skillset adheres to the backstory of his family. He grows stronger the lower his HP becomes. 

A Mysterious Blessing Awaits at the Top of the Hall

At the farther side of the village is a temple with three floors. The catch is, there is no stair leading up to the third floor. Legend has it that whoever reaches the third floor will be granted a mysterious blessing. 

Free Fire:Explaining The Samurai's Guarden on Bermuda 2.0Credits: Garena

Suppose we base this according to the lore. The blessing is probably the curse of the Hayato Family. It can be a blessing for people who seek power and a curse for those who find it inconvenient. 

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The story might be a reference to Japanese shrines granting wishes to everyone who prays in it. An excellent example of these shrines is the Kyoto Shrines. There are many shrines in Japan, but the Kyoto Shrines are the most popular, with thousands of tourists visiting them every year.. 


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