CODM: New Bento Box Crate Featuring Anime Themed Guns

John Dave Rossel
3/Jan/2021 09:13 am

CODM announced the new Bento Box Crate.
The new box crate features anime-themed gun skins and other exciting contents.
No release date for the Bento Box Crate has been announced by Activision.

Activision is always looking for ways to give players the content they want in Call of Duty: Mobile (CODM) This time, they introduce content for their players who are anime fans. These contents vary from anime-themed grenades and gun skins that will surely strike the hearts of players who are familiar with the anime culture. 

CODM Bento Box Crate

CODM players noticed a new announcement from Activision in-game about an upcoming weapons crate. The new crate featured three guns with anime-themed blueprints and other anime-themed contents. This hyped up the anime fans, and the news has spread like wildfire among gaming communities. Activision hasn’t posted further updates regarding this upcoming Box Crate. 

CODM: New Bento Box Crate Featuring Anime Themed ContentsBento Box Crate Preview

This Box Crate was leaked last year by Dataminer’s Hole, a CODM data miner. The three anime gun skins are Cordite-Cherry Blossom, LK24 Nosebleed, and DLQ Sweet Sniper. 

Cordite-Cherry Blossom

This pink-colored SMG skin has a sakura blossom theme to it. The image of an anime girl smiling is also painted in the gun, delivering a serene feeling when staring at it. 

LK24 Nosebleed

The gun skin for LK24 features a more badass approach. The gun features a red and black color combination along with an image of an anime girl with cat-ears tying her hair. Whether you’re an anime fan or not, you will surely find this gun skin interesting. Needless to say, noses aren’t going to be the only thing bleeding once this gun starts shooting.

DL Q33 Sweet Sniper

The third gun features a blue paint job with stars plastered all over the gun. This gun is indeed eye candy.

Here is the complete list of items found in the Bento Box Crate;

  • Cordite - Cherry Blossom
  • LK24 - Nosebleed
  • DL Q33 - Sweet Sniper
  • Charm - Chibi Trooper
  • Senses Red
  • Striker - Starlight
  • GKS - Starlight
  • FHJ - 18 - Starlight

Activision has not announced a release date for the new Bento Box Crate. So eager fans should keep their eyes peeled for the announcement. Until then, there is a lot of exciting content currently available in CODM. A new upcoming game mode called “On the Brink” is also coming in CODM very soon, so be sure to stay tuned for updates. 


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