Free Fire: New Pet Brabuino Coming Soon

John Dave Rossel
1/Jan/2021 11:46 am

Garena Free Fire will release a new pet in 2021.
The new pet baboon, Brabuino, will be released along with The New Beginning update.
Fans state that the pet's special skill is quite underpowered.

Garena has teased its fans with its upcoming updates for Free Fire. These updates will go live this year, 2021, bringing new exciting content and a revamp of the Bermuda battle royale map. One of the upcoming contents is a new pet baboon named Brabuino. This unique pet is expected to be released on January 1, 2021. 

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New Baboon Pet for Free Fire

Garena has been testing their creativity by releasing new and exciting ideas for their game. This time it’s in the form of a baboon. This new pet was already made available in the advanced server for Free Fire. The new pet brings a few interesting perks that can help players on the battlefield. 

Brabuino resembles a baboon wearing a guerilla outfit commonly found in South America. The new pet looks like a war-hardened animal ready to go to war with his master. Brabuino boasts arms almost as big as the player’s arms wearing a bandana, arm guard, and an ammo belt. 

Brabuino’s special skill is called “Launching the Braba.” This allows the player to throw any grenades at an increased range based on the skill level. This can be useful against enemies who are hiding behind walls where you’re guns can’t penetrate. 

Here are the effects of the pet’s special skill based on level;

  • Throwing range of  grenades, gel walls, light grenade, and smoke grenade increases by 10%
  • Throwing range of  grenades, gel walls, light grenade, and smoke grenade increases by 20%
  • Throwing range of  grenades, gel walls, light grenade, and smoke grenade increases by 30%

Brabuino has two types of skin, the default one and the gold skin. This changes his clothes into a golden color and turns her fur into white. 

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Fans stated that the ability is underpowered. There are undoubtedly other abilities that are far more useful than the increased throw range. Whether Garena will change his abilities in the future is still unknown. Garena is well known for listening to community feedback, so there is a possibility that they might make changes soon enough. 


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