Riot Games Teases Fans About Teemo's Arrival to Wild Rift

John Dave Rossel
1/Jan/2021 09:56 am

Riot Games posted a hint of the upcoming champion for Wild Rift.
New year event is currently live in Wild Rift. All champions are free to play and double xp and blue motes every match.
New skins for Miss Fortune, Ashe, Braum and Garen are also added into the game.

Ever since the launch of Open Beta for Wild Rift, fans have been asking about the release of Teemo. Riot Games has been quite secretive about our little Yordle scout, until now. During new year’s eve, Riot Games teased their fans by posting an image of a noxious mushroom, a mushroom used by Teemo, on their official Wild Rift pages. 

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Wild Rift Welcomes 2021

Riot Games celebrates the new year by teasing their fans by posting an image of a noxious mushroom hinting that Teemo will soon come into Wild Rift. 

Teemo has already been hinted to be the next champion after Wukong, the Monkey King. The only question we have right now is when will Teemo be released in Wild Rift. So far, Riot Games has not announced a release date for Teemo. 

New Year Event for Wild Rift

A new year event is also ongoing right now in the game. For three days, all champions released in Wild Rift is free to play. This is a perfect chance to try out all the heroes to decide which champions players want to buy. 

On top of this, experience points and blue motes rewarded in every match is also doubled. So this is an excellent chance to grind some blue motes to buy Teemo in the future. It is still not confirmed whether booster cards stack with this event. 

New Skins Available

New skins were also added to the game. Here are the newly added skins for Miss Fortune, Ashe, Braum, and Garen;

  • Arcade Miss Fortune
  • Braum Lionheart
  • Queen Ashe
  • Steel Legion Garen

Who is Teemo?

Teemo has a reputation for being feared upon by most fans of the game. This made new players asking as to what makes this cute little Yordle scary. 

Teemo is widely known for placing invisible poisonous land mines called noxious mushrooms and catching unsuspecting victims. He can turn invisible while standing still, which makes him very dangerous. Unlike Evelynn, another stealth champion, with whom you get revealed when you go near an enemy, Teemo stays invisible as long as he’s not moving or is not revealed by vision wards that detect stealth.

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Riot Games has a lot of plans for this year, as stated in their recent Dev Diary Video. Rank Season 0 is also getting close to its conclusion. Lots of new content are coming for Season 1. We might hear more information from them very soon. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming updates. 


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