Mobile Legends Reveals Their Big Plans for 2021

John Dave Rossel
1/Jan/2021 07:52 am

MLBB hosted a new year's eve live stream to welcome 2021.
In the livestream, Moonton announced their big plans for the year.
New hero Boudicca has been confirmed.

The year 2020 has officially ended. Moonton has decided to host a new year’s eve party to welcome the new year through a live stream. In the live stream, they shared highlights of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) esports moments that are unforgettable for the fans and their big plans for the upcoming year.

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MLBB Welcomes 2021

The new year’s eve live stream showcased Moonton’s big plans for 2021. This includes a complete overhaul of the in-game items and emblem system, the second phase of Project Next, new changes to the arcade mode, and revealing an upcoming hero. 

Equipment and Emblem System Overhaul

They revealed an upcoming overhaul of the equipment and emblem system in the game. Fans have grown to love the emblem system in MLBB. Upgrading your emblems was always a grind, but it made the journey all more worthwhile once you reach the maximum upgrade. The in-game items might get a fresh new look or even new useful effects that can change the meta. Not much is known about the upcoming overhaul, so keep your eyes peeled for more updates from Moonton.

MLBB Reveals Their Big Plans for 2021Credits: Moonton

Project Next Phase II

The first Project Next update completely changed the future of MLBB. Old heroes that are often considered irrelevant have eaned their spotlight once again in the current meta. Some heroes have also been remodeled with updated textures and skill effects to make the game more immersive. 

MLBB Reveals Their Big Plans for 2021Credits: Moonton

Moonton announced that the second phase of Project Next is coming this 2021, bringing a ton of new adjustments and cool features for the game. Not much has been revealed for this update, but we can expect something big like the first phase of Project Next. 

Arcade Mode Returns

They also revealed that Arcade Mode would make a comeback with a look. Will we be able to play Chess-TD and other limited-time game modes permanently this time? We’ll find out soon enough. 

MLBB Reveals Their Big Plans for 2021Credits: Moonton

Upcoming Collaborations

We all know Moonton loves to collaborate with popular celebrities and entertainment titles. They revealed that the game will be having several crossovers. All we can see are the heroes’ silhouettes so we can’t be sure what this upcoming crossover will be. 

MLBB Reveals Their Big Plans for 2021Credits: Moonton

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New Hero    

They revealed their upcoming hero Boudicca. For fans who have seen the leaks spreading across the gaming community, this wasn’t a surprise. The new hero is now official confirmed and will be released sometime in 2021.

MLBB Reveals Their Big Plans for 2021Credits: Moonton

Some fans are curious about when will Paquito and Yve be released on the regular servers. Moonton hasn’t made any announcements regarding these two heroes. Hopefully, we get to hear from them soon. Needless to say, this year is going to be bigger than ever with the plans they revealed to us. 


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