These Are The Differences in Skills Between Wild Rift and League of Legends (PC)

John Dave Rossel
1/Jan/2021 04:50 am

Some champions from League of Legends have been revamped for Wild Rift
Most champions need to be revamped to make these champions fit for mobile gaming.
In this article, we tackle about champion changes on Wild Rift you probably don't know.

Wild Rift has gained a lot of attention from mobile gamers. Fans of the PC counterpart, League of Legends, have also started to jump into the trend. Although the champions featured in Wild Rift are relatively similar in the PC version, there are slight differences between some of the champions that players might not know. Here are some of the noteworthy changes made to the champions to add them in Wild Rift.

Champion Changes From Wild Rift You Probably Don't KnowCredits: Riot Games

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Wild Rift Champion Ultimate Skills


Unlike the PC counterpart, players can control Ashe’s ultimate skill, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, in Wild Rift. By holding the Ultimate after casting it, you can slightly change the projectile angle, allowing you to reposition your ult and possibly catch enemies off guard. 


Slice away your foes because Darius’ Ultimate in Wild Rift will refresh every time you kill enemy champions with it. Unlike the PC counterpart where you have a time limit before you lose your chance to refresh your ultimate skill, Darius in the Wild Rift takes no prisoners. He will continue slicing enemies with his Noxian Guillotine skill with every kill he makes with it. 


Garen’s mobile version has an extra animation where he will jump onto an enemy if he uses his ultimate. His ultimate will also deal area damage meaning if you ult in the middle of a teamfight, enemies near your target will have a bad time. 


This isn’t what players would consider a good thing. You can no longer control Tibbers’ movement. He will always follow Annie and go on a rampage when Annie is killed. You can choose his targets, but you can’t make him move to a certain location.


Lux’s Ultimate skill is now a global range. It deals less damage than the PC version, but it pays off with its map wide range. 

Wild Rift Champion Skills


Shyvanna gains extra passives while in dragon form depending on the dragons she has slain. 

  • Mountain Drake - Twin Bite slows enemies by 60%

  • Cloud Drake - Gain 25% movement speed

  • Infernal Drake - Converts damage from Flame Breath skill into true damage.

  • Ocean Drake - Adds 150 more health.


Vayne’s second skill, Silver Bolts, now has an active effect that allows her to gain extra attack speed and lifesteal upon activation. In the PC version, her second skill is only a passive skill that allows her to shred a percentage of HP from champions, while the mobile version gives her more firepower and lifesteal. 


Vi’s passive and second skill are switched. She can acquire blast shield stacks, and the shield amplifies depending on how many stacks she acquired up to a maximum of 5 stacks. 

Lee Sin

As for Lee Sin, he’s been simplified. He can dash for a short distance anywhere without targeting champions. His second skill gives him a shield when he dashes to an enemy. 


The Monkey King’s healing capabilities are now in his first skill. He gains 50% more health by attacking minions with his first skill. In the PC version, his healing capabilities are found in his passive skill where he passively regenerates health every second. 

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These are the most noteworthy changes made for champions in Wild Rift. Certainly, champions with very complex mechanics like Aphelios will probably be revamped if they ever get released in the mobile version. This doesn’t change the fact that players will enjoy playing their favorite champions in the Rift. 


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