PUBG Mobile: Premium Crates Featuring Robo Santa and Winter Queen Set

John Dave Rossel
31/Dec/2020 07:52 am

PUBG Mobile releases a new set of Premium Crates.
The Robo Santa and Winter Queen set is now available until January 16, 2021.
The premium crate contains winter-themed loots including a UAZ.

PUBG Mobile welcomes the new year with more winter-themed loot crates for players to collect. Embrace the Winter Season with the new Premium crates available in PUBG Mobile. Starting at 140 UCs, you can obtain the Robo Santa, and the Winter Queen set along with other interesting prizes.

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PUBG Mobile Premium Crate Contents

The Robo Santa set features metallic plates, a Christmas hat, and a matching white fluffy beard, scraped together to form a robot version of jolly old Santa Claus. If you’re tired of wearing the cardboard robot set, then this new rendition of the robot costume is for you. 

The cold will never bother you anymore with the Winter Queen Costume set. British Military Uniforms inspire the set. This luxurious looking costume is eye candy for anyone you meet.

The Winter Queen set also has her own UAZ to match the theme of the costume set.

How to Obtain Robo Santa and Winter Queen Set

You can obtain these costume sets by spending Unknown Cash (UC) on the Premium Crate draw. The Premium Crate will be available from Dec. 27 until January 16, 2021. The price per draw is 160 UC. You can opt for a 10 times draw for 1,080 UC, saving 120 UC. 

PUBG Mobile: Premium Crates Featuring Robo Santa and Winter Queen SetPUBG Mobile Premium Crate

In addition to the Robo Santa and Winter Queen set, you can also get other winter-themed loot from the Premium Crate, such as weapons, backpacks, and parachutes. 

Here is the complete list of the loots you can obtain from the Premium Crate;

Mythic Item (0,5%)

  • Robo Santa Set
  • Winter Queen Set

Legendary Items (6%)

  • Robo Santa Headgear
  • Winter Queen Headgear
  • Winter Queen UAZ
  • Winter Queen Backpack
  • Dazzling Salute M24
  • Candy Cane S12K
  • Magic Stocking Pan
  • Colorful Pinecone Grenade
  • Christmas Antlers
  • Naughty Christmas Set

Epic Items (21,5%)

  • Stylish Santa Suit
  • Stylish Santa Beard
  • Stylish Santa Helmet
  • Winter Wonderland Pan
  • Winter Wonderland Parachute
  • Nurse Dress
  • Nurse Cap
  • Sandals (White)
  • Ambusher Top
  • Ambusher Shorts
  • Ambusher Shoes
  • Surgeon Mask
  • Surgeon Scrubs
  • Surgeon Cap
  • Surgeon Pants
  • High School Uniform (Male)
  • High School Pants (Male)

Rare Items (72%)

  • Shirt (Black)
  • Tropical Shirt (Green)
  • Checkered Shirt (White)
  • Padded Jacket (Grey)
  • Silver Masquerade Mask
  • Square Glasses (Yellow)
  • PUBG Scarf (Tactical)
  • Red DJ Cap
  • Camo Cap
  • High School Shoes (Male)
  • Running Shoes (Blue)
  • Jeans (Brown)
  • Combat Pants (Camo)
  • “Battle” Graffiti (x2/x3/x5)
  • “Follow Me” Graffiti (x2/x3/x5)
  • “Wanted Order” Graffiti (x2/x3/x5)
  • Silver Token (x20/x30/x50/x100)

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The PUBG Mobile Premium Crates will only be available for a limited time so get these winter-themed goodies before it ends on January 16, 2021.


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